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  • The Mysteriously Enduring Appeal of Friends

    My friend Molly had her first baby about a month ago. She watched Friends in the hospital during labor. Then she took her baby home, where she watched more Friends—the entire last five seasons, to be exact.  

    I was baffled. Not because I thought Friends was awful, but because I probably hadn’t given it a thought in a decade. Casting my mind back, all I could remember was an ex named Janice who screeches and a turkey jammed on somebody’s head. Surely such a program would add to the stress of...

  • Morrisons expands super-fast Amazon delivery deal

    Supermarket to roll out grocery deliveries within one hour across more UK cities

    Morrisons has expanded its partnership with Amazon for ultra-fast same-day grocery deliveries to more cities across the UK, as it reported a drop in quarterly sales.

    The Bradford-based supermarket group said it had signed a multiyear deal with Amazon, which replaces its previous rolling contract, to cover “many more cities across the UK”. Continue reading

  • New Star Wars doc unravels the series' funniest and most enduring mystery

    Most Star Wars fans are familiar with the famous A New Hope blooper where a random, nameless Stormtrooper doinked their head on a Death Star bulkhead. A true classic.

    The identity of the clumsy Imperial soldier has been a mystery for as long as the movie has existed. And now, a new Jamie Stangroom documentary titled The Empire Strikes Door (omg), is poised to solve it.

    This whole thing looks like a hoot, from the "Every generation has an idiot" tagline to the lineup of legitimate Star Wars...