Not an F-35 (But Very Dangerous): Could This Jet Take on Russia's Best Fighter Jets?
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Mark Episkopos


Sweeden just might have something here. 

Defense commentary is, and always has been, notoriously difficult to disentangle from national politics.

The urge to establish one’s martial prowess over one’s adversaries took many different forms in the pre-modern period, from references to fighting spirit and superior force of will to invocations of divine favor.

But in the centuries following the tremendous technological progress of the industrial revolution, a new paradigm...

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    What we can tell you.

    But what exactly does “4++” mean, and is the MiG-35 really a hair’s breadth away from being considered a fifth-generation fighter?

    With Russia’s MiG-29 nearing the end of its shelf life as Russia’s staple multirole fighter, the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) are taking an increasing interest in its successor: the MiG-35.

    For years, its manufacturer has marketed the MiG-35 as a “4++” fighter: “I would say that this is a new plane that...

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    Or is this just a myth?

    Russia has tried a number of different techniques to defeat stealth technology.

    Russian air defenses may appear formidable as part of Moscow’s increasingly sophisticated anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) capability, but areas protected by these systems are far from impenetrable bubbles or 'Iron Domes’ as some analysts have called them.

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  • France's New Fighter Jet Has 1 Thing In Common with the F-35

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    Stealthy features.

    The Spectra defensive system will receive more powerful jammers and new threat libraries tailored to meet the improving capabilities of potential adversaries.  Furthermore, Dassault seeks to use “Big Data” technology to develop a predictive maintenance system reminiscent of the F-35’s troubled ALIS system to cost-efficiently implement preventative repairs.

    In January 2019, French Defense Minister Florence Parly announced France would commit $2.3...