Not an F-35 (But Very Dangerous): Could This Jet Take on Russia's Best Fighter Jets?
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Mark Episkopos


Sweeden just might have something here. 

Defense commentary is, and always has been, notoriously difficult to disentangle from national politics.

The urge to establish one’s martial prowess over one’s adversaries took many different forms in the pre-modern period, from references to fighting spirit and superior force of will to invocations of divine favor.

But in the centuries following the tremendous technological progress of the industrial revolution, a new paradigm...

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  • How Russia Could Kill an F-22 or F-35: Enter the S-400?

    Dave Majumdar

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    Or is this just a myth?

    Russia has tried a number of different techniques to defeat stealth technology.

    Russian air defenses may appear formidable as part of Moscow’s increasingly sophisticated anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) capability, but areas protected by these systems are far from impenetrable bubbles or 'Iron Domes’ as some analysts have called them.

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  • Hungary May Buy the U.S. F-35 Stealth Fighter

    Michael Peck


    The interesting question is why.

    Hungary may buy the U.S. F-35 stealth fighter.

    Not because it loves the F-35, but because the Hungarian government is mad at Sweden.

    Swedish and Hungarian media are reporting that Hungary may give up its leased fleet of Swedish-made Jas 39 Gripen fighters in favor of the F-35. The populist government of Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban has drawn criticism from other European nations who accuse him of undermining Hungarian democracy....

  • China Thinks Russia's New Stealth Fighter 'Trashes' the F-35

    Mark Episkopos

    Security, Europe

    Thanks to some unique technology.

    The Su-57 completely 'trashes' the latest American fighters like the F-35—at least, according to Chinese media.

    Earlier this month, Chinese defense news outlet published an analytical piece on the state of Russia’s arsenal. The article looked to the Su-57, Russia’s upcoming fifth generation stealth fighter, as a case study in the failures and successes of Russia’s ambitious, decades-long campaign to modernize its...