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  • Russia Formally Warns Google, Facebook Against Election 'Interference' & Meddling

    Russia Formally Warns Google, Facebook Against Election 'Interference' & Meddling

    For the second time in under a month Russia has warned Google and Facebook against election "interference" and meddling in Russian domestic politics. 

    On Thursday Russian communications regulator Roskomnadzor formally asked the US search engine and social media giants to halt political advertising during the upcoming weekend of regional elections. 

    Several regional elections are set to be held...

  • Russia Accuses Facebook, Google of Election Meddling

    The Russian government is accusing tech giants Facebook and Google of having defied a government order to ban the distribution of political advertising during Russian regional elections. According to communications watchdog Roskomnadzor, “Such actions can be seen as interference in Russia’s sovereign affairs and hindering the conduct of democratic elections in the Russian Federation.”

  • Russia accuses Google, Facebook of election interference

    A new country says Google and Facebook may have interfered in its elections — just maybe not the one you'd expect.

    Officials in Russia have said that Google and Facebook published election-related ads in violation of the country's laws, Reuters reported. 

    Yes, you read that correctly: Russia is accusing the two tech giants of election interference. 

    At issue are laws that prohibit political ads "during elections on Sunday and on the preceding day," according to Reuters. Russia's Roskomnadzor,...