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  • Counter-Strike 2 Release Date & Time (Countdown)

    Check out the release date and time for Counter-Strike 2 across various regions. We have also included a CS2 release countdown timer here!
  • Valve May Have Just Hinted at a Release Date for Counter-Strike 2

    Counter-Strike fans have been waiting patiently for a release date for Counter-Strike 2. It’s been in a closed, invite-only beta stage over the past several months. Only a handful of players, primarily streamers and esports players, have actually been invited in to the beta. The rest of us have been jealously watching from the sidelines as they get to test out the amazing new smoke grenades and soak up the new visuals. All that may be about to change as soon as next week! Earlier this week, on...
  • Counter Strike 2 Twitter account changes banner, all but confirming release date

    The official Counter Strike 2 Twitter account continues its recent teaser-spree today, as the account banner has been changed to yet another release date tease. With this, the rumoured September 27 release date is all but confirmed. That, or we're all being played for fools.For those who choose to check it out for themselves, they'll see a "Dawn of the Final Day" banner, a popular meme with its roots tied to the Nintendo Classic Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. This comes after a post from the...