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  • Lefties Obsess Over 1950s TV Show Of Con Man Trump and His Wall

    As Tom Petty once sang, even the losers get lucky sometimes. The anti-Trump media has don’t a horrible job trying to convince Americans we shouldn’t have a wall at the southern border. But lo and behold, they’ve received a little gift from the gods -- a bit of serendipity to grasp at in the absence of an argument. A few days ago, writers for both CBS online and Variety uncovered an old 1950s TV episode in which a manipulative “con man” named Trump convinces a fear-stricken town to buy his wall....

  • Whoa! A man named Trump wanted to build a wall in this unearthed 1958 TV show

    A man named Trump tries to convince a group of people in Texas that they must build a wall — and pay for it! — to protect them from an impending disaster.

    And this is in 1958.

    Twitter is re-discovering an episode of a CBS Western called Trackdown that’s making the rounds with its rather freaky parallels to our current political standoff.

    The episode had a fictional salesman named Walter Trump warning a town in the 1870s of apocalyptic doom if they did not agree to pay him to build a protective...

  • Watch a 1950s TV villain named 'Trump' try to con people into building a wall

    While President Donald Trump traveled to the U.S.-Mexico border on Thursday to lobby for support of his border wall plan, the internet was buzzing about a 60-year-old clip from an old TV Western that features a villain named Trump pitching an idea for a wall to protect the townspeople. 

    Yes, just like The Simpsons, it seems the old show Trackdown perfectly predicted a moment of the Trump presidency well before Donald Trump came to power. 

    In the clip, a con man named Walter Trump uses extreme...