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  • Michael Kors launches new Access Sofie 2.0 with more fitness features

    Smart watches made by fashion brands are strong sellers in the Wear OS space. The latest Wear OS smart watch comes from Michael Kors. This is the 2.0 refresh of the Access Sofie and there are new features to support fitness.

    The design itself is refined from the original. There are now three side buttons instead of a single one and the lug bars of the watch body are smaller and use a narrower strap size, better fitting for a feminine look. The bezel is also slightly smaller and the bling around...

  • For AR/VR 2.0 to live, AR/VR 1.0 must die

    The future of AR/VR could be bright, but only if it moves beyond where it is today. Let’s look at where we are today, where we’re heading tomorrow and some of the changes needed to get us there.

  • Is The "Shanghai Accord" 2.0 Coming

    Over the weekend, when commenting on the latest rather disappointing RRR cut out of China (which would release just enough liquidity to offset liquidity drains via the MLP and repo) we pointed out another, far more important event which took place in late December, when traders were generally away on vacation, and when the PBOC indicated a critical shift in the official monetary policy description at the December Central Economic Work Conference, from “prudent and neutral” to “prudent with...