In 2020, New F-15EX Fighters Will Take to the Sky (Worried, F-35?)
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Dario Leone



Get ready, F-35. 

Boeing says it can deliver the U.S. Air Force (USAF) at least two engineering, versions manufacturing and development (EMD) F-15EX fighters as early as 2020.

This is possible due to the fact the F-15EX has a lot of similarities with the F-15QA Advanced Eagle that is in production for Qatar. So there is a possibility that some aircraft destined for Qatar could be rerouted to the USAF. The EX can be seen as a modified version of the QA of which...

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    The Israeli air force wants to buy new F-15EX fighters as well as additional F-35 stealth fighters. But it probably can’t do both at the same time. It must choose.

    “Just like the U.S., Israel is wrestling with whether to buy Lockheed’s all-new, stealthy F-35s or the latest upgrade of Boeing’s long-serving F-15,” Breaking Defense noted.

    But Israel must make this decision under extraordinary external and internal pressure. From without, it must conduct air strikes...

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    A really tough pick.

    Senior U.S. military leaders remain sharply divided over whether to order an updated F-15X model of the venerable F-15 Eagle fighter, or to remain strictly focused on ramping up procurement of Lockheed’s F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter. 

    As detailed in this earlier article, the F-15X would feature modernized defensive countermeasures, computers, and sensors, would be cheaper to operate than aging F-15Cs, and could potentially carry...

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    Get ready.

    The new F-3 jets would then begin replacing Japan’s over one hundred home-built Mitsubishi F-2 single-engine fighters—heavily upgraded (and over-priced) F-16s—starting in the mid to late 2030s.

    Japan’s 2019 Mid-Term Defense review quietly revealed that after years of hesitation, Tokyo has decided to press ahead with development of its own domestically designed sixth-generation Mitsubishi F-3 air-superiority stealth fighter, rather than purchasing an...