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  • Band Stops in New Haven, But The Party Doesn't

    “We’ve probably played as many shows in New Haven as we have in Maine,” said Hannah Collen, half of the self-described “nerdy bass-music duo” Crunk Witch which began its most recent three-week tour of the East Coast at Three Sheets Thursday night.

    Collen, a native of Maine, spoke of how Crunk Witch got to the city initially through New Haven-based musician Ceschi by simply “reaching out,” knowing him through his music, contacting him and asking if he could help them set up a show here. Six years...

  • Ukraine: new Orthodox church gains independence from Moscow

    Newly elected head receives decree of autocephaly in elaborate ceremony in Istanbul

    The biggest rift in Christianity in centuries is expected to open up after a new Orthodox church in Ukraine gained formal independence from Moscow in a move set to heighten geopolitical tensions in the region.

    The newly elected head of the Ukrainian Orthodox church travelled to Istanbul to receive the “tomos”, or decree of autocephaly (independence), from the Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I, in an...

  • Bysiewicz Taps New Haveners For Lt. Gov's Office

    The state’s incoming lieutenant governor, Susan Bysiewicz, has drawn heavily from the New Haven area to staff her new office.