Stimulus Checks for Homeowners: Joe Biden's Next Plan Has Arrived
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Stephen Silver

Homeowner Assistance Fund,

There are indications that the American Rescue Plan really did make a difference when it came to helping people.

The American Rescue Plan Act, in addition to its $1,400 stimulus checks, expanded child tax credit, money for cities and states, and other benefits, provided money for something called the Homeowner Assistance Fund.

The legislation made available $9.961 billion for states, territories, tribal entities, and other local governments, in order...

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    Stimulus Check,

    Per the terms of the American Rescue Plan, homeowners are eligible for the federal funds if they can prove they were financially harmed as a result of the pandemic.

    So far, three stimulus checks have been sent out. The most recent of these, passed in March 2021, includes a payment of $1,400 to every American adult (and dependent) making less than $75,000 per year.

    The economic impact of this payment has been large on the government’s end. So far, it is estimated...

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    Child Tax Credit Stimulus,

    According to the IRS, 88 percent of American families will automatically receive monthly payments from the Child Tax Credit, beginning on July 15.

    Here's What You Need to Remember: It is important to note that the monthly checks are opt-in rather than opt-out, so it is safe to assume that the vast majority of Americans will receive them month by month. For American families not following the economic debates in Washington, the checks in July, and...

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    Joe Biden Stimulus, Americas

    Five other petitions have launched on, all calling for monthly direct payments to help mitigate the economic crisis.

    Roughly 2.6 million people have signed onto six online petitions calling on Congress to pass $2,000 monthly stimulus payments until the pandemic is over. 

    The largest petition among the half-dozen on has more than 2.3 million signatures and was created last year by Colorado restaurant owner Stephanie Bonin. The...