Open thread for night owls. UK weather service: Earth may pierce 1.5°C average temp within 5 years
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Jessica Corbett at Common Dreams writes—UK's Met Office Warns Global Temperature Could Soar Beyond 1.5°C Threshold Within Five Years. Experts say that would be temporary "but it does ring an alarm bell”:

As NASA on Wednesday confirmed that the past five years have been the hottest on record, the United Kingdom's national weather service warned that the next five years could see global average surface temperature temporarily surpass the end-of-the-century target of the Paris climate...

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    Kara Voght at Mother Jones writes—The House Had Its First Gun Hearing in Years. The Parents of Parkland Victims Refused to Let the GOP Lie:

    On Wednesday, the House held its first hearing on gun violence since 2011. The flurry of mass shootings and federal inaction on the issue in the interceding years had created pent-up frustration, which erupted into full view Wednesday from Democrats and a packed room of gun violence victims and activists—especially when Republicans and GOP witnesses pushed...

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    In The Washington Post, book critic Carlos Lozada reviews an assortment of impeachment-centered books and asks the question: "[C]ould the American public, already so divided and cynical, regard whatever outcome emerges from that process as nonpartisan and fair?"

    When scholars argue that the removal of a president must be bipartisan, they are expressing less an opinion than a historical fact. Nixon still enjoyed the support of roughly a quarter of American voters when he resigned, and he could...

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    Here are a few excerpts from the latest Harper’s Index:

    Number of congressional districts that border Mexico: 9

    Number that are represented by a Republican: 1

    Votes by which that district’s congressman won reelection in November: 926

    Ratio of the number of Democratic House seats held by women in 1989 to the number held today: 16:89

    Of the number of Republican House seats: 1:1

    Percentage of Americans who did not vote in the midterm elections who say they wish they had: 61

    Percentage of...