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  • Teens organize transgender youth prom to fight against anti-trans legislation

    Dozens of transgender children, teens and their families from more than 17 states gathered in Washington on Monday to celebrate their identities at a prom organized specifically for trans youth. Chase Strangio, a staff attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and one of the prom’s organizers, described the event as a “needed disruption”
  • USA TODAY Celebrates June with Front-Page Trans Teens 'Pride-a-Ganda' Piece

    The most "woke" corporations are often media companies. USA Today started out "Pride Month" with some Pride-a-ganda at the top of the front page. The headline was all infomercial: These transgender teens thrive at a difficult time and show their identity defines any one label 'But most of all, I'm human' "Breaking news" editor Susan Miller -- who recently touted that 19.7 percent of Generation Z now identify as LGBTQ -- was back with the celebratory stories: Chazzie is a sunny...
  • Trans Prom Is the Reminder This Country Needs

    Libby Gonzales had been waiting so long for prom—all she was waiting for now was her shoes. After looking at “literally thousands of dresses,” she’d chosen a long, black gown with a “big floofy black sleeves,” and a tiered skirt, with a black headpiece.” (I asked her if I was off-base imagining it as like the Wednesday dress, from the new Addams Family show on Netflix; her mom, Rachel, said I was not.) She would add a bag that looked like a clock, she told me by phone a few days ago, “to...