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  • Far-right Tennessee state senator indicted for alleged 'campaign finance violations'

    In the Tennessee State Legislature, Sen. Brian Kelsey has been a far-right culture warrior who is never shy about playing the family values card. But Kelsey, according to the Nashville Tennessean, now finds himself facing a campaign finance violation along with an indictment.

    On October 25 in the Tennessean, journalists Brinley Hineman and Rachel Wegner reported that a federal grand jury had "returned a five-count indictment charging Kelsey, 43, and club owner Joshua Smith, 44, with violating...

  • Don Jr. Suggests Trump’s new social media site was created to help Republicans win elections

    Donald Trump, Jr. is appearing to suggest his father's new social media platform, Truth Social, was created to help Republicans win elections.

    Appearing on far right host Sebastian Gorka's Newsmax show that aired Sunday, Trump Jr. was asked in a segment about the new social media site what his “specific message" is “to those who had just kind of given up on the idea of America and free and fair elections."

    "Let's stay in the game," he replied, after discussing Truth Social for several...

  • 'Troubling questions': Madison Cawthorn called out by local paper over ties to Jan 6th protest

    The editorial board of a prominent North Carolina publication is taking aim at Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) following the release of a damning Rolling Stone report detailing his alleged connection to events that transpired on January 6 at the U.S. Capitol.

    The Rolling Stone report suggests that organizers of the "Stop the Steal" rally were in communication with the freshman lawmaker and his staff as well as other Republication lawmakers while they planned the event.

    Cawthorn's alleged...

  • Scathing Miami Herald editorial torches Ron DeSantis: 'We thought things couldn't get much worse — we were wrong'

    One Miami, Florida-based newspaper is refusing to let up on its unrelenting criticism of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) as the COVID-19 pandemic continues across state.

    On Monday, October 15, the Miami Herald released a scathing editorial blasting the Republican governor for his failures on COVID-19.

    "We thought things couldn't get much worse in DeSantis' handling of the pandemic, but we were wrong — then we were wrong again," the newspaper surmised. "Just when you think he's done enough to...

  • Nancy Pelosi officially alerts US attorney of Bannon’s subpoena defiance after calling for him to go to jail

    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Monday evening officially notified the Acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Channing Phillips, that Trump strategist Steve Bannon has refused to comply with a lawful subpoena.

    The rare move comes after a bipartisan vote of the full House, including all Democrats and nine Republicans, to refer Bannon for contempt of Congress.

    "The Chair will inform the House that pursuant to H.Res. 730, the Speaker has certified to the United States Attorney for the...

  • 4 ways rich nations can keep promises to curb emissions and fund climate adaptation

    by Bruce Campbell, York University, Canada

    The time has come for Canada and other rich nations to pony-up and pay for the devastation they have caused countries in the Global South. That means, for a start, providing far greater climate adaptation financing to low-income countries and plugging the holes that siphon their limited fiscal resources to tax havens.

    Two Canadians have prominent roles at the COP26 climate meeting in Glasgow, Scotland. United Nations Ambassador Bob Rae, is co-chair of...

  • Trump's 'get out of jail free' card

    Donald Trump is "telling most anyone who'll listen that he will run again in 2024." That's according to Axios's Mike Allen, who also pointed out this weekend that all of the polling suggests that Republican voters are clamoring for the former president to do it. There is little doubt that he will win the Republican nomination easily. Allen reports that all of the Republicans he's spoken with say "it would take a severe illness, death — or criminal charges sticking — to stop Trump from walking...

  • How cyberattacks threaten our safety and well-being

    by Jason Jaskolka, Carleton University

    What would happen if you could no longer use the technological systems that you rely on every day? I'm not talking about your smart phone or laptop computer, but all those systems many of us often take for granted and don't think about.

    What if you could not turn on the lights or power your refrigerator? What if you could not get through to emergency services when you dial 911? What if you could not access your bank account, get safe drinking water or even...

  • How ethnic and religious divides in Afghanistan are contributing to violence against minorities

    by Abdulkader Sinno, Indiana University

    Close to a hundred Afghan Shiite Muslims were killed in attacks on mosques in October 2021. One such attack took place on Oct. 15, when a group of suicide bombers detonated explosives at a mosque in Kandahar. Just over a week before that, at least 46 people were killed in another suicide bomber attack in northern Afghanistan. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for both attacks.

    Ethnicity and religion are key to understanding the politics and...

  • The Facebook papers spur more calls to 'break them up!'

    "The Facebook Papers" on Monday prompted longtime critics of Big Tech to renew demands for policymakers within and beyond the United States to crack down on and even break up the social media giant.

    A consortium of 17 American news outlets—along with a separate group of European newsrooms—on Friday began publishing articles on internal documents obtained by former employee and whistleblower Frances Haugen, though much of the reporting was released Monday.

    "It's an important day to read the...

  • Watch: Madison Cawthorn gets 'upset' when a student asks him to admit a simple truth

    As many a Democrat would be, one politically savvy Dartmouth College student appeared to be jumping out of his seat when put in a room with Rep. Madison Cawthorn. A Republican, Cawthorn is a supporter of former President Donald Trump's who, like many others, has against all logic proclaimed that the election Trump loss to President Joe Biden was rigged.

    Jack Cocchiarella, digital director for Democrat Marcus Flowers' campaign for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's House seat, seemed to have applied...

  • How the Big Lie threatens to crack up Trump's coalition

    There is one thing Republicans are in fierce agreement on: gutting democracy by preventing people from voting — or having their votes counted — and setting the GOP up so that it "wins" elections, even though more Americans want Democrats as leaders. But underneath this agreement are rising tensions over what that push against democracy should look like.

    Donald Trump and the more Trumpist wing of the GOP favor a brash approach, based on hyping lies about "stolen" elections, promulgating...