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  • 5 massage therapy guns that won't break the bank like Theragun

    You kill it at the gym all week, your nutrition is dialed in, and you're drinking so much water that your spare time is spent walking back and forth to the bathroom (way to get those steps in!)—so how do you take things to the next level? By focusing on recovery.

    A proper post-workout routine, which includes deep-tissue massage, will help your muscles recover faster and more efficiently, leading to less DOMS and less time before you're ready for more box jumps. Since seeing a masseuse every day...

  • Witchy woman on the cover of Black Sabbath's eponymous first album finally identified

    It is kind of hard to imagine that it's taken until 2020 for the identity of the woman on the cover of Black Sabbath's heavy metal masterpiece, Black Sabbath, to finally be known. The woman has been identified as Louisa Livingston. The image was shot by photographer and album designer, Keith "Keef" Macmillan.

    The photographer opted for Oxfordshire's Mapledurham Watermill because it fit the band's sound in his opinion. Louisa told Rolling Stone:

    "I remember it was freezing cold. I had to get...

  • Upgrade your sock drawer with these all-season bamboo yarn socks

    Everybody wears socks, even presidents, but not everybody wears sophisticated, ultra-comfortable socks made with bamboo yarn that offers softness, ventilation, and durability. So with all these DeadSoxy socks on sale for Presidents' Day, why not use this opportunity to make those hard-working feet of yours happier than they've ever been? With styles for work and play, you'll have everything you need for everyday life.

    DeadSoxy No-Show Socks

    Available in a variety of pack sizes (6 or 10) foot...

  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer's prog rock epic, "Karn Evil 9," to be made into a film with Daniel Wilson penning the screenplay

    According to a piece on Deadline, 70s prog rock behemoths, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, are having a movie made from their 30-minute sci-fi song suite, "Karn Evil 9", from 1973's Brain Salad Surgery.

    Centered on a society that has drained all its blood with a dependence on technology, the film will explore the world controlled by a pervasive and dictatorial technocracy. The annual “Karn Evil” — a macabre rite of passage — is a young person’s once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience unbridled...

  • Make good on that New Year's resolution to read more with these apps and speed reading techniques

    If you're looking to read more in 2020, you probably wish you had more time to get that done. Well, we can't create more hours in the day (we're mad about it too), but we can help you maximize those hours. Catch up on that book list and get ahead of the game when you utilize these apps and speed reading techniques that are on sale for the holiday.

    SumizeIt Book Summaries: Lifetime Membership

    Featuring 5-minute, easy-to-digest, non-fiction book summaries, SumizeIt will help you tackle all those...

  • Man hacks his prosthetic arm to control music synthesizer with his thoughts

    Bertolt Meyer wears a myoelectric prosthetic arm and hand controlled by electrodes attached to his residual limb that pick up impulses generated when he consciously contracts that muscle. Those impulses are then translated into control signals for the prosthetic hand. An electronic musician, Meyer had the idea to swap out the prosthetic hand for a DIY controller for his modular synthesizers so he can play music just by thinking about it. This is the SynLimb. Meyer writes:

    Together with Chrisi...

  • Smoking video for Wilco's Mikael Jorgensen and The Kin's Isaac Koren's sexy, simmering, and brilliant Nat King Cole cover

    For the last couple years, my dear friend Mikael Jorgensen (Wilco, Quindar) and Isaac Koren (The Kin, Bråves) have been exploring their shared passion for the great American songbook and electronic music. They call their act Expandards and have been making the SoCal scene to great acclaim. These two are the real deal. Above, Expandards' new video for the tune "Nature Boy," written by Eden Ahbez in 1947 and originally made famous by Nat King Cole.

    This burns. It burns so good.

    Shot on...

  • Need a new MacBook? Check out this Presidents Day sale that can save you hundreds

    Grover Cleveland served as America’s 22nd President before being narrowly defeated for re-election by Benjamin Harrison in 1888. But the undeterred Cleveland roared back four years later, winning the 1892 election for his second term in the White House.

    If the American people can give a president a second chance, don’t you think a gently-used MacBook should get that same shot at redemption too?

    In honor of President’s Day, we’ve assembled current deals on 5 refurbished MacBook models, each fully...

  • What does it take to land a $130K job as an AWS DevOps pro? This training

    Engineers versed in the care and feeding of system development on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform are in an IT job sector so vital right now that they can practically set their own salaries. And a look at the annual Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report suggests that might not be far from wrong.

    According to the 2019 survey, the average AWS-certified IT pro is bringing home almost $130,000 annually, one of the best-paying certification jobs in all of North America.

    The Complete AWS...

  • Art in the age of artifice

    As a magician and sleight-of-hand artist, I've been wrestling with the thorny and slippery notion of Art for a long time. A recent "magical project" rekindled my attention about this ongoing quest. Here follow my latest musings on this domain.

    What is Art?

    Art can be seen as the lifeblood running through the veins of human history. From prelinguistic cave dweller to postmodern city dweller, art stands as a witness to the evolution of every culture, reflecting and participating in our views of...

  • Dozens of woman now accuse prominent Columbia University Ob-Gyn of sexual assault

    Famed Columbia University Ob-Gyn Dr. Robert Hadden was arrested in 2012 for licking a patient's vagina, but prosecutors didn't press charges, so Dr. Hadden went back to work. In the following weeks, he allegedly assaulted two more women, including Evelyn Yang, wife of former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, reports CNN.

    Dr. Hadden took a plea deal and was able to register as the lowest-level sex offender. He was given no prison sentence, no probation, and no community service.


  • Two well-known YouTube game crafters paint up an entire tabletop fantasy village in five days

    "Two men, one highly detailed resin fantasy village, and five days to paint it."

    If you're a fantasy tabletop gamer, you likely know about Tabletop World, two Croatian terrain makers whose resign-cast buildings are the gold standard in tabletop gaming.

    You may also know Goobertown Hobbies and Real Terrain Hobbies, two of the best painters and terrain crafters in the game.

    Tabletop World sent them $2500 world of buildings, a small Medieval village, and the two crafters challenged each other to...