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  • Powerbeats Pro in Ivory, Moss, and Navy Available for Pre-order on August 22

    Apple plans to start selling Powerbeats Pro in Ivory, Moss, and Navy starting starting on August 22 at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time from the online Apple Store.

    After orders for the new colors open on August 22, Apple plans to ship the headphones out on August 30, the same day the Powerbeats Pro will be available in retail stores.

    Apple started selling Powerbeats Pro in May after introducing them in April, but only the black color was available at launch. Apple said that it would make the...

  • Apple to Charge $4.99 Per Month for Apple Arcade

    Apple is going to charge $4.99 per month, according to details about the service discovered by 9to5Mac. Screenshots of an early Apple Arcade test were found over the weekend, and now prospective pricing has also been leaked.

    The $4.99 price point is apparently listed in one of the APIs used in the App Store app. A promotional message says that Apple Arcade will cost $4.99 per month, with one-month free trial available.

    Apple previously said that the monthly subscription price for Apple...

  • Apple Accidentally Unpatches Vulnerability, Leading to New iOS 12.4 Jailbreak

    Apple in iOS 12.4 mistakenly unpatched a vulnerability that was fixed in the iOS 12.3 update, leading to a new jailbreak available for iOS 12.4 devices, reports Motherboard.

    Hackers discovered the vulnerability over the weekend and Pwn20wnd created a publicly available, free jailbreak that works on devices running the latest version of iOS or any version of iOS below iOS 12.3.

    Most jailbreak code is kept private to keep Apple from patching it, so this is the first time that a public...

  • Review: Mophie's Juice Pack Air Doubles Battery Life for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and X in a Slim Case

    Earlier this summer, Mophie announced and launched a new line of Juice Pack Air cases for the iPhone XS and XS Max, which promise to add extra hours of battery life to your iPhone while providing drop protection. The cases offer many of the same features as Apple's 2019 Smart Battery Case line, but there are a few key differences that I found in terms of their physical design and day-to-day usefulness.


    In regard to daily battery life, I found the Smart Battery Case and Juice...

  • Apple Shares First Full Trailer For 'The Morning Show'

    After posting a brief teaser last week, Apple today shared the first official trailer for "The Morning Show" starring Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and Steve Carell.

    The trailer provides the first glimpse at each character on the show, which centers around a struggle for power behind the scenes of a network news show.

    Aniston plays one of the anchors of The Morning Show, while Carell plays a former anchor who was fired following accusations made against him on the show. The...

  • Disney Confirms Disney+ Coming to iOS and tvOS on Launch Day, Will Support Apple's TV App

    After offering a look at its upcoming streaming service Disney+, and announcing a bundle with ESPN+ and Hulu, Disney today confirmed the devices that will support Disney+ at launch. For Apple device owners, this means that you'll be able to stream Disney+ video on Apple TV (tvOS-supported models), iPad, and iPhone on launch day (via The Verge).

    The rest of the full launch lineup for supported devices includes: Android mobile devices, Android TV, Chromecast, web browsers, PlayStation 4, Roku...

  • Apple Has 500 Employees in Korea, Supports 325,000 Jobs in Country

    Apple today revealed job creation figures in South Korea for the first time since entering the country two decades ago, as noted by The Korea Herald.

    In a new page on its website, Apple says it has created and supports 325,000 jobs in South Korea, including 500 direct employees, 125,000 jobs through partners in the country like component manufacturers and product distributors, and 200,000 jobs through the App Store ecosystem.

    Apple's direct employees in the country include designers,...

  • Spotify Adds Parental Control Feature to its Family Plan

    Spotify is launching a new content filter feature for its Family Plan to give parents and guardians better control over what their children listen to.

    The owner of the family plan master account will be able to set an Explicit Content Filter on individual sub-accounts, which will prevent the user from playing anything in the Spotify library marked as explicit.

    The filter is accessed from a new Family Hub, where the master account holder can add and remove family members and update the...

  • Leaked Images Reveal Upcoming 'Sonos Move' Bluetooth Portable Speaker

    More details have emerged about the unreleased portable Bluetooth speaker from Sonos, thanks to new images shared by WinFuture (via The Verge).

    The German site has published several marketing images of what's apparently going to be called the Sonos Move, the first speaker of its kind by the audio electronics company.

    As the pictures reveal, the speaker comes with a stationary base station, while an integrated handle allows the Sonos Move to be easily undocked and used as a Bluetooth...

  • Ulysses 17 Gains Keyword Management for iOS, New iPad Fullscreen Mode, and More

    Version 17 of Ulysses was released today, bringing some much-requested features to the popular Mac and iOS app for writers.

    First up, the developers have brought keyword management to the iOS app, following the introduction of the feature on Mac in spring.

    You can now edit or delete keywords, customize colors, and merge several keywords into one, whichever device you're working on.

    You can also mark your most-used keywords as favorites for easy access within the app, with full...

  • Trump Says Tim Cook Made 'Good Case' That Tariffs Would Put Apple at Disadvantage With Rivals Like Samsung

    Apple CEO Tim Cook and U.S. President Donald Trump met for dinner on Friday evening, and Trump has since told reporters that the two discussed the impact of U.S. tariffs on Apple products imported from China.

    Melania Trump, Donald Trump, and Tim Cook in August 2018

    Trump said Cook "made a good case" that tariffs could put Apple at a disadvantage given that rival Samsung's products would be less impacted by the tariffs, according to Reuters. "I thought he made a very compelling argument, so...

  • Apple Donating $10 to National Park Foundation for Every Apple Store Apple Pay Purchase From August 17 to 25

    Apple today sent out emails to customers about its latest Apple Pay promo, which will see the company donating $10 to the National Park Foundation for Apple Pay purchases made from the Apple Store.

    From August 17 to August 25, Apple will make a $10 donation with every Apple Pay purchase made at any Apple retail store, the website, or the Apple Store app.

    The National Park Foundation is the charitable partner of the National Park Service, and it aims to "enhance everyone's...