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  • Drone racing an ambulance shows how drones could speed up medical care

    The drone and ambulance raced through a busy city to determine which would deliver medical supplies faster.Read more here. Read more

  • Tense 'Bombshell' trailer takes on the Fox News scandal and Roger Ailes

    Not for the first time in 2019, Hollywood will turn its focus on the sexual harassment allegations that led to Roger Ailes resigning from Fox News – this time in the form of Bombshell, a feature film starring Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, and Margot Robbie.

    The trailer features all three women standing tensely in an elevator, barely speaking but acting hard enough to break a sweat. You can practically see the secret looming between them as they weigh the consequences it could reap.

    Kidman and...

  • Trump just looked up to the sky and told reporters 'I am the chosen one'

    Donald Trump apparently thinks even more highly of himself than we thought.

    On Wednesday, he told a group of reporters outside the White House that he is "the chosen one." Not a normal thing that people usually say unless they are Superman or Harry Potter, or like, a complete narcissist, but sure.

    “I am the chosen one.” —@realDonaldTrump just

    — Andrew Feinberg (@AndrewFeinberg) August 21, 2019

    The context makes the statement only a bit less bizarre. Trump was...

  • Pilot films the aftermath of his plane crashing into the ocean

    Forget posting a photoshoot of your motorcycle crash — why not whip out the ol' phone and record the aftermath of a plane crash while you wait for rescue? 

    David Lesh and his friend Kayla were in that exact predicament when their plane's engine failed off the coast of San Francisco Tuesday afternoon. They were in the the middle of an air-to-air photoshoot, getting shots of Lesh's new plane, when it lost all power outside Half Moon Bay. 

    According to ABC7 News reporter Amanda del Castillo who...

  • Colin Kaepernick brings together celebrities and activists in powerful video about rights

    Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback turned social justice activist Colin Kaepernick unites heavy hitters like Dr. Angela Davis, actress and activist Yara Shahidi, transgender actor Indya Moore, and others in an impactful video highlighting Kaepernick's Know Your Rights Camp, which he started in 2016.

    The camp empowers black and brown youth communities across the United States by teaching them their rights when interacting with law enforcement as well as providing opportunities to trade...

  • Free AKG Y500 headphones worth £129 with Samsung Galaxy contracts on Carphone Warehouse

    TL;DR: Grab the stylish AKG Y500 headphones for free with contracts for the Samsung Galaxy A50, A70, A80, and S10e, saving you £129.

    Everyone loves getting something for free, especially when that something retails for over £100.

    You can now pick up a set of AKG Y500 headphones for free, if you purchase a mobile phone contract for the Samsung Galaxy A50, A70, A80, or S10e with Carphone Warehouse. The headphones are worth £129, so it's a valuable incentive being offered by the online...

  • Sean Spicer lied again: He's doing 'Dancing with the Stars' after all

    Sean Michael Spicer has lied to the American people, again. 

    On July 24, 2018, Donald Trump's former White House Press Secretary assured Fox Newscontributor Katie Pavlich that he would not be going on Dancing with the Stars because, well, he can't dance!

    "Everybody wants to know if you are going to be on Dancing with the Stars. This is a yes or no question," Pavlich said to Spicer at his 2018 book party. "It's no. Zero on the rhythm. I wouldn't do that to viewers," Spicer replied.

    July 24, 2018...

  • This automatic ball will make your pets enjoy their time at home

    Wicked Ball is a smart ball that keeps your pet entertained while you're away. With no app required and three available play settings, this smart device will keep your pet happy all day long. Read more

  • Instagram to start paying researchers to find apps abusing its data

    "Our goal is to help protect the information people share on Instagram and encourage security researchers to report potential abuse to us so we can quickly take action."Read more here. Read more

  • Want more respect at work? Follow the data. (Learn how with this course.)

    TL;DR: Snag the immersive Big Data and Analytics Bundle for $45 at the Mashable Shop. It's typically $723, so you'll save 93%.

    Behind the scenes, data is running everything — seriously everything. That Spotify playlist suggestion that you’re jamming out to, the fast fashion you’re shopping, the route your Google maps is telling you to take on your commute is all thanks to data. 

    Spoiler alert: That means the company you work for is relying heavily on being able to use data to its advantage,...

  • LG 4K UHD smart TVs on sale: Save $1,000 on these gigantic displays

    TL;DR: Dell has two huge LG 4K UHD smart TVs on sale for $1,000 off, and both come with free Dell gift cards valued at up to $600.

    It's college football season, baby — and to celebrate, Dell is having a can't-miss sale on two enormous LG 4K UHD smart TVs that are so detailed and vivid, you'll be able to see every individual blade of Astroturf.

    Now, let's get one thing straight: Even with Dell's discounts, these displays aren't exactly cheap; after all savings are applied, neither of them cost...

  • Sony 1000XM3 noise-canceling headphones on sale for under $300

    TL;DR: The best-in-class Sony WH1000XM3 noise-canceling headphones are on sale for $298 at Walmart, a savings of $51.99.

    Sony has been in the news a lot in the past day, but it's not something most people want to hear. 

    Just four months after Endgame brought Peter Parker (and a ton of other Avengers) after the big snap, there are talks of Spider-Man being dropped from the MCU. Really, guys?

    We'd rather just ignore the theories and come back when there's an official answer. Until then, block...