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  • Mike Lee introduces 9 anti-vaccine bills to exempt anyone 'on basis of a personal belief'

    Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) has introduced nine separate bills in an effort to undermine President Joe Biden's ability to mandate Covid-19 vaccines.

    The Salt Lake Tribune compiled a list of the bills that Lee introduced last week.

    If enacted into law, the bills would allow the United States government to be sued over vaccine mandates and allow anyone to opt-out of mandates on "the basis of a personal belief."

    Biden recently announced that all federal employees and contractors would be required to...

  • Kyrsten Sinema had a curt response to major dissent brewing among her home state Democrats

    Although Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona is generally well-liked by independents and Never Trump conservatives in her state, the decidedly centrist Democrat has been a frequent source of frustration to the progressive wing of her party — and her office had a curt response when the Arizona Democratic Party, in a vote of over 80%, passed a resolution to pledge a vote of "no confidence" if she fails to reform the filibuster or support a reconciliation bill on infrastructure.

    Forbes' Andrew Solender...

  • 'Mar-A-Lago Three' broke law with scheme to monetize veterans' medical records: House investigators

    A congressional investigation found three members of Donald Trump's private club Mar-A-Lago illegally exerted influence over the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    The so-called "Mar-A-Lago Three" -- Ike Perlmutter, Marc Sherman and Bruce Moskowitz -- used their ties to then-president Trump to violate the Federal Advisory Committee Act by communicating with department officials to further their own personal interests, reported Stars and Stripes correspondent Nikki Wentling.

    NEW: an @OversightDems...

  • How NY covered up a massacre—and helped spark mass incarceration

    I come bearing the second of two parts exploring the Attica Prison uprising and its legacy today. In Blood in the Water, Heather Ann Thompson recounts the connection between New York's coverup of brutality at Attica and the rise of mass incarceration. In our episode, we try to do her arguments and the sacrifices of Attica's prisoners justice:

    You can also watch the full episode on Instagram here. And ICYMI, you can view Part I on the uprising here.

    Today's story comes from Blood in the Water by...

  • 'It's hurting the party': Arizona GOP chairwoman faces calls to resign after audit blows up in Trump's face

    On CNN Monday, Maricopa County supervisor Bill Gates, a conservative Republican and an outspoken critic of election conspiracy theories within his own party, reiterated a call for Arizona GOP chairwoman Kelli Ward to step down, following her calls for even more partisan ballot reviews after the failure of the "Cyber Ninjas" audit.

    "There are

  • Legal expert says Trump's rally admission will help Georgia prosecutors investigating him

    Former President Donald Trump may have inadvertently helped contribute to the criminal case against him brewing in Georgia during his rally on Saturday, according to one former federal prosecutor.

    Joyce Vance, a legal analyst for MSNBC, said on Twitter that his comments about a call to Gov. Brian Kemp after the 2020 election would be valuable to the district attorney in Fulton County.

    "I got this guy elected!" Trump told rallygoers of Kemp in one widely viewed clip. He quickly added, however,...

  • 'Stay in your hood': White 'Karen' fired after allegedly assaulting Black couple at Brooklyn dog park

    A white woman reportedly has been fired from her job after she allegedly assaulted a Black couple at a Brooklyn dog park over the weekend.

    A portion of the incident, which occurred Saturday night in the Williamsburg neighborhood, was caught on video by the alleged victim, author Frederick Joseph.

    "At the dog park in Brooklyn with my fiancé and this white woman was threatening to call police and told us to 'stay in our hood' because she had our dog confused with another dog who had been barking...

  • How the myth of 'border security' empowers American fascists

    Last week began with photographs of white men on horseback cracking whips at Black Haitians at the southern border. The El Paso Times captured images of mounted Border Patrol agents trying to force migrants, carrying food and supplies, back over the Rio Grande into Mexico. Last week ended with Joe Biden expressing outrage. "I promise you those people will pay," the president told reporters this morning. "They will be investigated. There will be consequences."

    That's good, but the larger problem...

  • WATCH: Violence erupts at anti-mask protest outside Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles

    An anti-mask protest outside Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffle in Anaheim, California, turned violent when security guards scuffled with protesters.

    Video from the event shows a security guard dragging a protester to the ground while the protester repeatedly kicked at him.

    According to CBS Los Angeles, officers were called to the scene after they received reports of a protester being pepper sprayed.

    Ultimately, no one was arrested.

    Anti-Mask Protest Outside Roscoe's House Of Chicken And...

  • Trump has made it clear: He thinks his own supporters are discardable losers

    In May of this year, Donald Trump began telling associates that he plans to run for president in 2024 if he is healthy enough. In July, he told dinner pals that he is running. Just this month, he reiterated that he is likely to run again. The twice-impeached ex-president is increasing his media appearances and planning campaign-style rallies in Georgia and Iowa.

    This article was originally published at Salon

    Trump's humiliating defeat to Joe Biden — which he refuses to acknowledge even occurred...

  • GOP's plan to steal future elections is unfolding 'right before our eyes': Yale historian

    Critics of former President Donald Trump — from liberals and progressives to centrist Democrats to right-wing Never Trump conservatives — were hoping that his influence on the Republican Party would go away after President Joe Biden was inaugurated on January 20. Instead, Trumpism and the Big Lie are as toxic as ever. Historian Timothy Snyder, during a September 26 appearance on CNN's "Reliable Sources," warned that the Big Lie — the false and debunked claim that the 2020 presidential election...

  • Huge uptick in pandemic ‘air rage’ hits flight attendants

    Flight attendants have been subject to unprecedented harassment over masks and more during the pandemic, and a U.S. House panel on Thursday heard the raw details of those “air rage" incidents.

    While there's no hard data, the leader of the flight attendants' union said the most aggression appears to occur in Southern states where there's been pushback against mask mandates.

    Teddy Andrews, an attendant based in Charlotte, N.C., for American Airlines, told the U.S. House Transportation and...