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  • The 4 big things that won Gary Woodland the U.S. Open

    Woodland was already one of the best players in the world. This is how he secured his leap to the elite of the elite. Even by the standard of it being almost impossible to fluke into a professional golf tournament win, Gary Woodland’s U.S. Open victory at Pebble Beach wasn’t a fluke. Woodland spent four days staring down a fair but challenging course setup, and he played his 72 holes in an incredible 13-under to deny world No. 1 Brooks Koepka a three-peat. There’s no doubting Woodland was the...

  • 7 of the most surprisingly athletic NFL players from the past 20 years

    Just because you aren’t chiseled doesn’t mean you can’t ball in the NFL. No sporting event this year was as visibly jarring as heavyweight boxer Andy Ruiz getting a TKO against Anthony Joshua. Joshua looked like he was in peak physical condition while Ruiz confidently rocked the dad bod. Their contrasting physiques suggested that Joshua should’ve been the clear favorite, but Ruiz was the superior athlete in the ring.

    That got me thinking: which current or former NFL players didn’t look like an...

  • Mike Leach gets weirder (and Washington State gets better) with age

    2018 was supposed to be a setback year for Leach and Wazzu. It was anything but.

    Bill C’s annual preview series of every FBS team in college football continues. Catch up here!

    Each year, it seems Mike Leach becomes a little more Mike Leach.

    It’s been nearly 15 years since Leach started talking to his team about pirates and swords and nearly eight since he wrote a memoir with a pirate-themed title. Since, he’s moved on to writing a book about Geronimo (nearly five years ago now), lecturing...

  • The rise of the mercenary NBA superstar

    Stars switching teams has become completely normal, and now NBA teams aren’t expecting any guarantees. When the Boston Celtics traded picks and players for Kyrie Irving, they did not believe it would be a short-term rental. They saw Kyrie as a foundational piece for the next great Boston team. Yet as his contract ends in a couple of weeks, Irving is widely expected to leave in free agency. This specter has already affected the Celtics’ other potential moves, namely by keeping them on the...

  • Vegas sportsbook took $10,000 Lakers bet three hours before Anthony Davis trade

    Someone might have had a little bit of inside information about Saturday’s NBA madness. The Los Angeles Lakers turned the NBA on its head Saturday evening when they acquired Anthony Davis in a blockbuster trade with the New Orleans Pelicans. The Lakers dealt away Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and three first-round picks to pair the superstar forward with LeBron James.

    The trade sent shockwaves through the NBA and reinforced a new potential power structure in the league. Prior to the...

  • The Paris Metro might be *too* efficient if you’re there for the World Cup

    If you’re visiting Paris, be prepared to be 15 minutes early to everything. PARIS, France — I used to have a problem with punctuality. Everything was always a race to be on time, usually ending with me at the entrance of my destination covered in sweat from sprinting the last five minutes.

    At some point I decided I couldn’t go on that way, so now I aim to get everywhere about 15 minutes early. When combined with the multitudinous inefficiencies in Boston’s public transit system, this attitude...

  • Find the perfect prospect for your team in the 2019 NBA Draft

    Tell us your team’s needs, and we’ll give you a custom draft board. Zion Wiliamson

    Zion Williamson turned into a worldwide phenomenon during his one-and-done season at Duke. His unprecedented combination of strength, agility, and athletic explosiveness would have been enough to make him a star on its own, but Williamson’s game is so much deeper than that. In putting together the most statistically dominant college season of the modern era, Williamson showed a refined skill set featuring...

  • Which NFL team can finally win its first Super Bowl this season?

    Let’s all pretend for a moment that it won’t be the Patriots again. 2019 is the year of the first-timer. The St. Louis Blues won their first Stanley Cup. The Toronto Raptors won their first NBA title. And, not long after the NFL’s regular season comes to an end, the Cleveland Browns will win their first Super Bowl.

    Or the Houston Texans.

    Or the Los Angeles Chargers.

    Or maybe the Minnesota Vikings.

    There are a dozen NFL franchises without a banner to hang in their stadiums or a Lombardi Trophy to...

  • Gary Woodland is your U.S. Open champ. It’s good for golf.

    Your newest major champion is one of the sport’s most genuinely likeable players, and he stared down the hottest player in the sport during a riveting Sunday afternoon to take the title. We’re all #GaryGuys now. Add another deserving name to your major champion list. After a wild, up-and-down perfect major championship Sunday at Pebble Beach, Gary Woodland is your U.S. Open champion.

    Playing from out front for the entire weekend, the big-hitting Kansan spoiled the Brooks Koepka threepeat,...

  • Every game in the Rockies-Padres series looked like a damn football score

    92 runs in 4 games at Coors Field. NINETY-TWO RUNS. The San Diego Padres and Colorado Rockies gave us a throwback weekend at Coors Field, getting all their steps in and then some as they repeatedly rounded the bases in a four-day batting bacchanal in Denver.

    Ninety-two runs crossed the plate in four games, with the Rockies posting three of their top six run totals this season and the Padres having two of their top four run-scoring contests. The 92 runs set a major league record for a four-game...

  • ‘I have goosebumps right now’: What it feels like to make a World Cup debut

    Jessica McDonald had begun to think she might never make a World Cup squad. She describes what it was like to almost score one of the goals of the tournament. When Jess McDonald made her way through the mixed zone after the United States defeated Chile 3-0 in their second group game, her hands were still visibly shaking.

    “I have goosebumps right now,” McDonald said — a bright, wide grin on her face. She looked like she was still amped from the game, as though she could go back out and play the...

  • The USWNT is responding to the goal celebration controversy with golf claps

    This is the best celebration. The USWNT got more than their fair share of crap for celebrating goals en route to a 13-0 decimation of Thailand in their opening game of the World Cup. Many wondered how the team would follow up on Sunday against Chile, should they jump out to a big lead. Now we have an answer courtesy of Carli Lloyd.

    Carli Lloyd with the banger and polite golf clap at the end (via @FOXSoccer)— The18 (@the18com) June 16, 2019

    I love this all so...