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  • Zenith Star: America’s 1980s Attempt at Weaponizing Lasers in Space

    Steve Weintz

    Star Wars, Outer Space

    That's no moon

  • 4th Generation Glocks Are Not Perfect. Here is Why.

    Gun News Daily

    Technology, Americas

    Still, there pistols remain highly sought after for several good reasons. 

    Here's What You Need to Remember: It’s been eight years since the earliest production Gen 4 Glocks were released, and after reading through countless forums, talking to actual Gen 4 Glock owners and testing some of them ourselves, we can say that all these issues have been resolved in newer production runs. All current production Glock Gen 4 pistols are as reliable as ever.

    As many of...

  • Will the Next German Chancellor Please Stand Up?

    Rainer Zitelmann

    German Elections, Europe

    It could take several months before a new government is formed in Germany. Optimists hope that a coalition government will be in place by Christmas.

    It is still unclear who will succeed Angela Merkel as Germany’s next chancellor. The next government will either be led by the massively weakened Christian Democrats under Armin Laschet or by the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz. One thing is clear following the election in Germany on Sunday though: there will...

  • America Can Still Broker an Elusive Armenian-Azerbaijani Peace

    Robert F. Cekuta

    Nagorno-Karabakh, South Caucasus

    One year after the war between Armenian and Azerbaijan, there is no peace and the potential for renewed conflict remains.

    The ceasefire Russian president Vladimir Putin brokered between the Armenian and Azerbaijani leaders in November 2020 may have stopped full-blown fighting between the two European states, but it has not stopped their militaries from crossing the border into each other’s territory. Furthermore, the agreement has not prevented...

  • These 5 Cold War Incidents Nearly Ended in Nuclear Hellfire

    James Clark

    Nuclear War, World

    Between fried computer chips, playing the wrong tape, or misinterpreting a signal, it’s a wonder that we’re still here.

    Here's What You Need to Know: Some mistakes are costlier than others.

    In October 1962, the United States and the Soviet Union came to the brink of nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The standoff occurred over the installation of nuclear missiles on Cuba, just 90 miles from the states. Though the stalemate ended after 13 grueling days,...

  • Nagorno-Karabakh: A Year of U.S. Failure in the South Caucasus

    Michael Rubin

    Nagorno-Karabakh, South Caucasus

    Azerbaijan and Turkey launched their assault on Nagorno-Karabakh to continue the Ottoman project of more than a century ago. Silence encourages them and others.

    One year ago today, the Azerbaijani army, backed by Turkish Special Forces and Syrian jihadis acting as Turkish mercenaries, launched a surprise attack on Nagorno-Karabakh, a disputed territory which Armenia controlled since the end of the 1988-94 Nagorno-Karabakh War. While Azerbaijan...

  • Glock 22 vs. Glock 23: Which Handgun Is Superior?

    Gun News Daily

    Firearms, United States

    It depends on what you need it for!

    Here's What You Need to Remember: The only real differences are the handguns’ length and height, the stock magazine capacity (the Glock 22 comes with two 15-round mags, and aftermarket 15-round mags are available for the Glock 23 but it only comes with two 13-round mags), the weight, the barrel length and the length of the sight radius.

    The Glock 22 and Glock 23 are two of the most popular “plastic” handguns on the...

  • The Lewis Gun was Revolutionary

    Paul Richard Huard

    Light Machine Gun, Europe

    Meet the world's first light machine gun. 

    It must be an automatic rifle, Robert Jordan thought. “How much does it weigh?” he asked.

    “One man can carry it, but it is heavy. It has three legs that fold. We got it in the last serious raid. The one before the wine.”

    “How many rounds have you for it?”

    “An infinity,” the gypsy said. “One whole case of an unbelievable heaviness.”

    Sounds like about five hundred rounds, Robert Jordan thought. “Does it feed...

  • Did a Dragunov Change the Nature of the Insurgency in Afghanistan?

    Robert Beckhusen

    War in Afghanistan, South Asia

    Reports of this new development terrified coalition forces.

    Here's What You Need to Remember: For the front-line soldiers, the alleged sniper and his Dragunov rifle was far more alarming. 

    Rockets exploded harmlessly against the sides of the thickly-armored American vehicles. While the soldiers, from 2nd Battalion, 503rd Infantry Regiment, based in Italy, would later complain about the deafening noise from the rocket strikes, it was another...

  • Nazi Germany made a Massive Mistake Attacking an A10

    Paul Richard Huard


    The Henschel Hs 129 was the perfect ground-attack airplane until the A-10 arrived. 

    Here's What You Need to Remember: The high command “underestimated the need for a dedicated ground-attack aircraft — and particularly a dedicated tank-killer — until it was far too late,” he said. “For example, prior to Operation Barbarossa, the German Abwehr had estimated that the Soviets had only about 10,000 main battle tanks. The actual number was about 24,000. By the time the...

  • The F-22 Is Awesome, but Would the F-23 Have Been Even Better?

    TNI Staff

    F-23 Stealth Fighter, Americas

    The Air Force would have a greater margin of superiority over potential threats like the Chinese J-20 or the Russian PAK-FA.

    Here’s What You Need to Remember: Ultimately, the Air Force ended up with an excellent plane with the Raptor—but both the YF-22 and YF-23 were outstanding designs. Had Northrop won the competition, the F-23 might have been a better overall performer, but it would have likely been more expensive.

    In 1991, Lockheed won the Advanced...

  • Europe’s Typhoon Wins: Russian Fighters Are Good but Not that Good

    TNI Staff

    Eurofighter Typhoon, Eurasia

    Smart money is on the Typhoon.

    Here’s What You Need to Remember: There is no question that Russian jets have come a long way technologically since the end of the Cold War. But at the end of the day, the Russian machines still lag behind on in terms of sensors and pilot vehicle interfaces. As such, the smart money is on the Typhoon.

    With heightened tensions in Europe over Russia’s actions Ukraine, NATO countries have stepped up their air patrols over...