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  • The M-1 Rifle Could Kill at 550 Yards (And Crushed Hitler and North Korea)

    Warfare History Network


    A rifle like no other. 

    Much of the M-1 inventory underwent repair or rebuilding at the end of World War II. After U.S. forces became engaged in the Korean War, the Defense Department decided that more Garand rifles were needed, so contracts were awarded to the International Harvester plant in Evansville, Indiana, and to Harrington & Richardson Arms Co. in Worcester, Massachusetts. They produced 500,000 M-1s during 1953-1956. A number of NATO countries...

  • The War on History Comes for George Washington

    Jarrett Stepman

    Politics, Americas

    Where does it end?

    They finally came for George Washington.

    The perpetual war on history now has the father of our country in its sights as the San Francisco Board of Education considers removing a mural of Washington from a local school.

    If the board succeeds in politicizing Washington, whose legacy was once so secured and uniting that his home at Mount Vernon was considered neutral ground during the Civil War, then we have clearly crossed the Rubicon of...

  • 100 Million Rifles Built: How 1 German Gun Conquered the World

    Warfare History Network


    And you may have never even heard about it. 

    In 1985, both Heckler & Koch and SIG SAUER lost out to Beretta USA of Accokeek, Maryland, and Italy for a contract to build the U.S. replacement for the venerable Colt Model 1911 .45-caliber sidearm pistol. The initial contract was for $57 million, one of the largest handgun contracts ever.

    According to The History Channel’s Tales of the Gun, the Mauser 98 was “the best bolt action rifle ever made.” Author...

  • China's Navy Is Growing So Fast Its Running Out of Names For Its Warships

    Michael Peck

    Security, Asia

    That tells you something. 

    China’s navy has a new problem: not enough names for its rapidly growing fleet of warships.

    “China is running out of provincial capitals to name new destroyers, and it might have to turn to other big domestic cities, which reflects the country's rapid naval development in recent years,” according to Chinese newspaper Global Times.

    The People’s Liberation Army Navy recently named its first Type 055 destroyer the Nanchang, which is the...

  • Why You Can't Beat the U.S. Army's New Nano-Drones

    Task and Purpose


    Not even a question. 

    The smaller the better. 

    The Army said in a release on Friday that soldiers with the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg were "trained via classroom instruction" on the Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance System — an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) — from April 29th to May 3rd.

    The 3rd BCT is going to be taking them on their upcoming deployment to Afghanistan this summer.

    "I was really impressed with the system, its...

  • Could One of America's Allies Take Down the F-35 Program?

    Michael Peck


    What does America need to save its troubled F-35 stealth fighter? Turkey, that’s what.

    What does America need to save its troubled F-35 stealth fighter?

    Turkey, that’s what.

    Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan recently warned that the multinational F-35 program, of which Turkey is a member, would fail if Turkey were excluded. Turkey is facing sanctions, including being dropped from the F-35 program if it goes ahead with purchasing Russia’s S-400 anti-aircraft missile...

  • For Sale: The World's Fastest Cruise Missile (Mach 3 Speed, That Is)


    India might start selling the BrahMos missile. 

    For years, India has bought weapons from other nations. In fact, by one estimate, it was the world’s biggest arms importer between 1950 and 2017.

    But while it may be a morally dubious honor, it is a sign of India’s growing strength that it may become an arms exporter. And not of low-tech weapons like rifles, but sophisticated guided missiles.

    An Indian defense official said India may begin exporting BrahMos cruise missile to several...

  • The Russian Air Force Wants You To Know Its Back (And Has the Jets to Prove It)

    Mark Episkopos


    This video should be all the evidence you need. 

    The Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) seldom release professionally edited promotional videos, instead preferring a steady stream of raw exercise footage disseminated through the official Defense Ministry television channel: Zvezda.

    That duty falls instead to Russia’s wider defense blogging community, whose recent Su-30SM montage has taken mainstream Russian media by storm.

    The three-and-a-half minute clip is strikingly...

  • Forgotten Fact: World War II Nearly Started 2 Years Earlier

    Warfare History Network

    Security, Asia

    Millions more dead?

    At the time, the gunboat had a crew of five officers and 54 enlisted men. As the Japanese approached the city and shells began falling near the river, the Panay left the city and moved to an oil terminal a short distance upriver. Hughes sent a radio message to the Japanese alerting them to its new position.

    In December 1937, four years before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor propelled the United States into the war, Japanese planes...

  • The Army Is Cancelling Whole Weapons Programs For 1 Big Reason

    David Axe


    The future is now.

    To pay for the 30 or so Big Six programs, the Army is proposing to cancel 93 other programs and trim or delay 93 more. To select the sacrificial programs, the Army convened a bunch of planners for long planning sessions the attendees jokingly referred to as "night court."

    The U.S. Army is slowing, cutting and canceling hundreds of weapons programs in order to free up cash for just six kinds of new hardware.

    The "Big Six" are key to winning high-tech wars...

  • THAAD Missile Defense Systems Are Coming to Russia's Doorstep

    David Axe


    Moscow is not happy. 

    The U.S. Army has deployed to Romania one of its seven Terminal High-Altitude Area-Defense missile-interceptor batteries. The deployment coincides with a shut-down of the U.S. Aegis Ashore missile-defense site, also in Romania, for a scheduled upgrade.

    The THAAD battery on May 17, 2019 began setting up its equipment within sight of the Aegis Ashore missile-defense site. The U.S. Army and the U.S. Defense Department separately posted, then quickly...

  • This Is the Tank That Could Have Stopped Nazi Germany

    War Is Boring

    Security, Europe

    France made a series of really big mistakes.

    “Only a fraction of the French armor was organized for operational deployment.”

    The fall of France in 1940, one of the 20th century’s most consequential disasters, wasn’t supposed to have happened. The French military was larger — on paper — and technologically superior to its German enemy.

    Testifying to the French advantage is the Somua S35, a plump, cute tank which was one of the best tanks in the world in 1940....