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  • Meet the P2000: The Finest High-End Gun Ever Made?

    Kyle Mizokami

    Technology, Americas`

    A classy weapon for shooting in style.

    Key point: The P2000 was well ahead of its time and is still a very good pistol.

    The world of compact defensive handguns is a crowded one, but one pistol that stands out ahead of the pack is the Heckler and Koch P2000 pistol. Introduced to market in 2001, the P2000 has carved out a niche as a pistol for those that appreciate fine German engineering and attention to detail in a carry handgun. Even as the company has...

  • Plurality of Dem Voters Expect Warren to Win Debate

    Mary Margaret Olohan

    Politics, Americas

    How did everyone else fare?

    A third of Democratic primary voters expect presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren to perform the best during Tuesday’s debate, a POLITICO/Morning Consult national poll showed.

    Thirty-one percent of Democratic primary voters said they believe Warren will outperform the other candidates during the debate, according to the poll. The debate will be hosted by The New York Times and CNN and will air starting at 8 p.m....

  • Bolton on Ukraine: 'I Am Not Part of Whatever Drug Deal Rudy and Mulvaney Are Cooking Up'

    Audrey Conklin

    Politics, Americas

    Bolton's revenge?

    Former National Security Adviser John Bolton reportedly expressed concerns with pressuring Ukraine for political information, according to three people who heard testimony Monday from a White House aide.

    Bolton expressed concerns with the alleged efforts of EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, those who heard aide Fiona Hill’s testimony in the House impeachment inquiry told The New...

  • Liberals Slam Dem Candidates for Ignoring Supreme Court

    Kevin Daley

    Politics, Americas

    They want it on the debate stage.

    A coalition of left-wing advocacy groups sent a letter to the moderators of an upcoming presidential debate urging them to ask the Democratic hopefuls about the Supreme Court.

    The Monday letter laments that the high court has not featured prominently in the first three Democratic debates, since marquee liberal policy items like Medicare For All might not survive before the newly-entrenched conservative majority. CNN and The New...

  • Meet the Bidens: Hunter Steps Down From Chinese Company, Joe Releases Anticorruption Plan

    Mary Margaret Olohan

    Politics, Americas

    Like peas in a pod.

    Former Vice President Joe Biden released an anti-corruption plan Monday, one day after his son Hunter Biden announced he would step down from the board of a Chinese company.

    Joe Biden’s anti-corruption plan, “The Biden Plan To Guarantee Government Works For The People,” promises to “return integrity” to government decision-making and “rein in executive branch financial conflicts of interest.”

    “The charge facing the president who...

  • 'Quid Pro Joe': Pro-Trump PAC to Air Biden Ukraine Ad

    Audrey Conklin

    Politics, Americas

    It should make the CNN debate more interesting

  • Pence Headed to Turkey to Negotiate Syria Ceasefire

    Audrey Conklin

    Politics, Americas

    Can he pull it off?

    Vice President Mike Pence will travel to Turkey’s capital Wednesday on behalf of President Donald Trump in hopes “to reach an immediate ceasefire,” according to the White House.

    Pence will meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Ankara with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, U.S. National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien and Ambassador James Jeffrey to address the country’s military offensive in northern Syria against U.S.-allied...

  • Hunter Biden Interview: 'No Questions Were Off-Limits'

    Shelby Talcott

    Politics, Americas

    The scion speaks out.

    Hunter Biden spoke with ABC anchor Amy Robach in an exclusive interview that will air Tuesday amid scrutiny over his actions in Ukraine, the network announced Monday morning.

    Robach sat down with Biden for an interview in his Los Angeles home over the weekend, ABC News reported. Biden, 49, is the son of former Vice President Joe Biden and has come under fire for previously sitting on the board of a Ukrainian gas company that the country’s...

  • The 5 Worst Guns That You Never Want to Shoot

    Charlie Gao

    Technology, Americas

    Just terrible and sad.

    Key point: These weapons aren't worth the parts they're made with.

    Almost every gun is designed to be safe as possible for the shooter. Countless mechanisms have been designed to facilitate this and prevent the gun from firing when the shooter does not intend it to. However, in some guns, these safeties simply do not work, due to poor or thoughtless design. Other guns might fire when the trigger is pulled but could be dangerous due to...

  • Cartel Hitmen Murder 13 Mexican Cops

    Matt M. Miller

    Politics, Americas

    It happened in one of the most violent states in Mexico.

    Thirteen Mexican police officers were reportedly killed and nine were wounded in an ambush Monday in Michoacan, Mexico, and one of Mexico’s most revered cartels is suspected of the deaths.

    Forty-two police officers responded to enforce a judicial order in the township of Aguililla when they were confronted by 30 gunmen suspected to be from Jalisco New Generation, one of the most dangerous cartel groups...

  • Are the Walls Really Closing in on Trump?

    Hunter DeRensis

    Politics, Americas

    It appears that Trump’s attempt to influence Ukraine was not a personal initiative but a controversial and widely known plan among his confidants.

    Are the walls closing on Donald Trump? The appearance of numerous witnesses, ranging from former White House aide and Russia hand Fiona Hill to State Department official George Kent, has convinced multiple Democrats that Trump isn’t simply on the defensive. Instead, he may be headed for the exit. For example, Sen....

  • Why the E-6 Is America's Most Terrifying Plane

    Sebastien Roblin

    Technology, Americas

    Nuclear command and control.

    Key point: These planes are a vital communications link to ensure Washington can shoot back during a nuclear crisis.

    In a military that operates Raptor stealth fighters, A-10 tank busters, B-52 bombers and Harrier jump jets, the U.S. Navy’s placid-looking E-6 Mercury, based on the 707 airliner, seems particularly inoffensive. But don’t be deceived by appearances. Though the Mercury doesn’t carry any weapons of its own, it may...