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  • Check Out the 100-Year Old Gun That Keeps Beating Glock

    Gun News Daily

    Technology, Americas

    A classic.

    The original M1911, originally produced by Colt (one of the original AR-15 makers), has become a portfolio item for a broad range of manufacturers, both American or foreign, and nowadays you can find 1911s manufactured in South America, Asia or Europe.

    You’ve seen the 1911 in hundreds of movies, and it’s probably the first gun that comes to mind when you think of a pistol.

    Before we take a look at our top picks for cheap 1911s, let’s explore the...

  • See This New U.S. Navy Missile? It Could Change (And Kill) Everything

    David Axe

    Technology, Americas

    What can't it do?

    The Navy further tweaked the missile's sensor, producing the Block IA version. In a 2016 test, an SM-6 Block IA struck a target on the ocean's surface. Now the SM-6 also is an anti-ship missile.

    The U.S. Navy in late January 2019 confirmed the designation of its newest cruise missile, in the process clarifying its long-term plan for arming its growing fleet of warships.

    The plan heavily leans on one missile, in particular. It's the SM-6, an...

  • Top Gun 2: How the U.S. Military Helped Make This Must See Movie

    Dario Leone


    Get the popcorn. 

    The internet was set ablaze on Jul. 18, 2019 when the first, sierra hotel trailer for Top Gun: Maverick debuted.

    As reported by Washington Business Journal, we still must wait a year for the finished product to hit the screen, but we know the Pentagon had a lot to do with the production of this long-awaited sequel to 1986 blockbuster “Top Gun.” Shooting began in September 2018, but delays pushed the release date to June 2020.

    Actually the Pentagon gave...

  • Why Trump Won't Bomb Iran

    Lawrence J. Korb

    Security, Middle East

    The president should look at how Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama responded to similar standoffs with the Middle East country and re-examine his strategy for Tehran.

    After President Donald Trump decided not to “bomb Iran” in retaliation for shooting down an unmanned Navy drone that was either very close to Iranian air space, many of his conservative critics accused him of acting more like President Barack Obama rather than President Ronald Reagan.


  • A War with Iran Would Wreck the American Energy Market

    Connor Sutherland

    Security, Middle East

    The Trump administration needs to do some serious soul-searching as it relates to how it thinks about energy as a whole.

    Reading Ilan Goldenberg recently described for Foreign Affairs what a war with Iran would look like. His analysis was informative, vivid and harrowing. But while his attention was focused primarily on the Middle Eastern theatre, I was wondering how such a skirmish would play out here in the United States.

    Specifically, how it would...

  • Wargames: How Russia Practices Invading Iceland in War Games

    Petri Mäkelä

    Security, Europe

    Is NATO ready?

    It is very important to test these kind of long distance naval operations in advance as the troops and the vehicles on board, must remain combat worthy all the way to the target.

    The Russian Northern Fleet has been very active lately, in addition to the usual landing drills close to the fleets home ports in the Kola peninsula, the fleet has been roaming the Russian northern coast with a landing squadron that carries a mix of marines and Arctic...

  • Iran Has Its Own 'Maximum Pressure' Campaign Against Trump

    Sebastien Roblin

    Security, Middle East

    Is a war brewing?

    For one year, Tehran continued adhering to the JCPOA. However, the destabilizing effects of the new sanctions proved intolerable.

    By most accounts, the United States and Iran came within minutes of armed conflict with each other on June 20, 2019. 

    Around 4:30 AM that morning, a U.S. Navy RQ-4N Global Hawk spy drone flying a routine circuit over international airspace in the Persian Gulf was shot down by an Iranian Ra’ad surface-to-air...

  • Secrets: Everything You Wanted to Know About Israel's Nuclear Weapons

    Daniel R. DePetris

    Security, Middle East

    Welcome to the crash-course.

    The Iranian nuclear nonproliferation agreement has been the top foreign policy issue throughout Washington for the past two months.  Approving or disapproving the deal was the first order of business for the U.S. Congress until the very last day of congressional action under the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act (September 17).  Hours of debate have been conducted on the floors of the House and Senate, both chambers have...

  • What We Know About the Army's New 'Bullets'

    Gun News Daily

    Security, Americas

    Game changer or no big deal?

    Something we do know about the new 6.8mm army caliber is that the recoil is significantly more than that of the 5.56 (due to the fact that it is a larger bullet), so periods of sustained fire will be more difficult.

    You may not have heard, but late last year it was decided that the United States army would be ditching the traditional 5.56x45mm NATO and 7.62x51mm NATO rounds for an entirely new caliber in the form of the...

  • The Air Force's Hypersonic X-15s Had a Top Speed of Mach 6.7

    Dario Leone

    Security, Americas

    A record-setter.

    The X-15s set an absolute speed record of Mach 6.7 and an absolute altitude record of 354,000 feet which qualified several of its program pilots for astronaut wings​.

    The X-15 is a famous and significant part of aviation history. Its purpose was to fly high and fast, testing the machine and subjecting pilots to conditions that future astronauts would face. It made the first manned flights to the edges of space and was the world’s first piloted...

  • The Air Force Has Sent Stealth F-22 Raptors to Qatar to Deter Iran

    David Axe

    Technology, Middle East

    Very powerful.

    Since becoming operational in 2005, the F-22 has achieved roughly a 50-percent readiness rate, on average -- one of the lowest rates of all U.S. fighter types. The Raptor's complex systems and delicate, radar-absorbing coating require intensive maintenance.

    The U.S. Air Force on June 27, 2019 deployed F-22 Raptor stealth fighters for the first time to Qatar as part of a build-up of forces ahead of a possible clash with Iran.

    The Air Force did...

  • Russia Wants to Make Its Own AC-130 “Spookovik” Gunship

    Michael Peck


    But will it ever fire a shot in battle?

    Call it the “Spookovik.”

    Russia wants to make its own version of America’s legendary AC-130 “Spooky” gunship.

    “An analogue of American AC-130 aircraft directly supporting ground forces on the AC-130 battlefield is being developed in Russia,” according to Russian news agency TASS. “An advance design has already been developed on the basis of the An-12 transport with 57-millimeter guns.”

    “The OCD [experimental design work] is to...