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  • False: Horowitz report shines light on statements by Comey and Schiff

    by WorldTribune Staff, December 11, 2019


    Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on FBI spying on the Trump campaign contradicts key Trump-Russia assertions made by former FBI Director James Comey and leading Trump impeachment proponent Rep. Adam Schiff.


    Horowitz’s probe reviewed the FBI’s so-called Crossfire Hurricane investigation which led to FISA warrants being issued to spy first on Trump campaign associate Carter Page and then the campaign...

  • Report: Iran storing missiles in tunnel near Iraq-Syria border

    FPI / December 11, 2019


    Satellite imagery has revealed that Iran is constructing a massive tunnel in eastern Syria near the border with Iraq to reportedly store missiles.


    [caption id=attachment_75824 align=alignleft width=461] The tunnel Iran is reportedly constructing to store missiles is 121 meters long, 4.5 meters wide and 4 meters deep.[/caption]


    The Israeli intelligence company ImageSat reported on Dec. 10 that the tunnel is...

  • 852? Pentagon suspends hundreds of Saudis from flight training

    by WorldTribune Staff, December 11, 2019


    Following the deadly terror attack by a Saudi student at Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida, the Pentagon has suspended 852 Saudi military students from flight training, raising questions about the vetting process that allowed their admission.


    [caption id=attachment_75818 align=alignleft width=400] Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani[/caption]


    The Saudi students will be immediately confined to classroom training, while all...

  • Shinzo Abe: Dare he say, ‘Make Japan great again’?

    Special to


    By Donald Kirk


    Japanese conservatism is like a seething volcano, spewing smoke and ash but not quite ready to erupt. The reluctance reflects the great ambivalence in Japanese society.


    Japanese are fundamentally conservative, united in a culture dedicated to hard work and formal relationships but otherwise undecided about where they are going politically and militarily as a regional or even world power.



  • Woke Democrats believe Obama was a better president than … George Washington

    by WorldTribune Staff, December 11, 2019


    Democrats to George Washington — check your privilege.


    A new poll has found Democrats believe their boomer President Barack Obama was better than the Founding Father.


    The Monmouth University poll found that 63 percent of Democrats thought Obama topped Washington. Only 29 percent thought Washington was better.


    That’s what happens, apparently, when the Left charges you with 222-year-old microaggressions,...

  • Why are Pelosi and Schumer lobbying to subsidize wealthy car buyers?

    Special to By Stephen Moore Why are Democrats Sen. Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi teaming together to lobby for a tax bill that would provide about 80% of the benefits to Americans who make more than $100,000 a year? Schumer and Pelosi are the ones who, for the last two years, have [

  • The socialist democrats in Congress have no idea how to run this country or a pop-corn stand

    Special to WorldTribune, December 10, 2019


    Commentary by  Charles Togias


    I have always considered the United States as the largest corporation in the world. The democratic socialists, who have no conception of how to run a successful small business, corporation or country, are trying to influence America and determine what success is.


    [caption id=attachment_75805 align=alignleft width=360] Popcorn stand in Granite Falls, Minnesota. / Video...

  • Articles of impeachment no match for DOJ’s damning inspector general report

    Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, December 10, 2019


    Democrats and their media allies reveled in announcing the politically-motivated articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump on Tuesday.


    But it was the Department of Justice inspector general’s report on Monday that stole the show for serious-minded news consumers.


    [caption id=attachment_75786 align=alignleft width=466] DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz[/caption]


    And U.S. Attorney John...

  • Female Iranian lawmaker denounces ‘tyranny,’ ‘privileges’ of officials

    Special to


    Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty


    An outspoken Iranian female lawmaker says tyranny, as well as parallel state institutions and centers of power, are destroying the republican element of the country’s political system.


    [caption id=attachment_75772 align=alignleft width=399] Parvaneh Salahshuri / Tasnim[/caption]


    In a speech to parliament on December 9, Parvaneh Salahshuri also accused the clerical establishment of failing to...

  • Rep. Gaetz dismantles Democrat counsel’s claim of being ‘non-partisan’

    Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, December 10, 2019


    Democrats on Monday attempted to bolster their case against President Donald Trump by claiming their one-sided impeachment hearings are not political.


    They trotted out “non-partisan” counselor Daniel Goldman to help make their case for impeaching the president.


    Rep. Matt Gaetz, Florida Republican, swiftly dismantled the “non-partisan” narrative.


    Asked by Gaetz if he thought he was non-partisan, Goldman...

  • Text of Alan Dershowitz on the Mark Levin show: ‘It would be unconstitutional . . .’

    by WorldTribune Staff, December 10, 2019


    Excerpts on impeachment from Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz’s Dec. 8 appearance on host Mark Levin’s Fox news program Life, Liberty & Levin”.


    Mark Levin: Should President Trump be impeached?


    Alan Dershowitz: It would be unconstitutional for President Trump to be impeached on the current record. It would be an utter abuse of the power of Congress. The Constitution sets out four criteria for impeaching a...

  • Parents win against Planned Parenthood sex-ed agenda after shocking reveal

    by WorldTribune Staff, December 10, 2019


    Parents in Massachusetts scored a “huge victory” over Planned Parenthood when the abortion provider’s sex-education curriculum was voted down by the Worcester school board.


    The parents, along with church leaders, joined with the Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) to protest what they said was Planned Parenthood’s disturbingly graphic “Making Proud Choices” sex-ed curriculum which seeks to “normalize abortion” to middle school and...