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  • Stone Gagged Again As Judge Threatens Jail During 'Death Threat' Court Hearing

    Former Trump adviser Roger Stone was given an epic slap on the wrist by a D.C. judge on Thursday after Judge Amy Berman Jackson slapped him with another gag order following an Instagram 'death threat' levied at the Judge. 

    Stone posted a photo to Instagram featuring Berman Jackson with a crosshair next to her head, for which he was ordered to explain himself in court on Thursday.  

    Apologizing for violating her previous gag order, Stone said on Thursday: "I abused the order for which I'm...

  • Stocks Slide As "Bad News Is Bad News" Again

    After a seemingly endless series of trading days in which the market would spike higher as either the US or China would release some "trade deal optimism", today was a stark disappointment for the bulls because while the latest round of trade talks started in DC between the US and Chinese delegations, there were no "optimistic" leaks or Trump tweets. Instead, overnight in a surprising twist, reports hit that China had "indefinitely" banned Australian coal imports, a report which send AUD traders...

  • Billionaire Investor’s Take On America’s Socialist Fever

    Submitted by Simon Black of SovereignMan

    Howard Marks is one of the smartest, wealthiest investors in the world.

    As founder of Oaktree Capital, Marks manages around $120 billion. And his track record ranks him among the greatest investors in history.

    So it’s probably no surprise that Marks is deeply concerned about “the rising tide of anti-capitalism,” and dedicated one of his famous memos to this new political trend.

    In the eyes of anti-capitalists, wealthy people, big businesses, and...

  • The Last Time This Divergence Emerged, Was Just Before The 2008 Crash

    We discussed the collapse in the VIX earlier, when we pointed out that at least according to the world's largest bond manager, this artificial market calm foreshadows another surge in volatility just around the corner, which is also why Pimco's CIO had one recommendation: start selling now.

    However, while Pimco may be accused of merely talking their book, there is another empirical indicator which suggests that a violent market reversal may be imminent.

    According to Wells Fargo’s recession...

  • AT&T Joins 'Soft-Core Pedo Ring' YouTube Boycott; Blogger Under Attack For "Adpocalypse"

    AT&T has joined Disney and Nestle SA in pulling advertisements from YouTube over a "soft-core pedophilia ring" which allowed pedophiles to identify videos of young girls engaging in sexually suggestive activities.

    "Until Google can protect our brand from offensive content of any kind, we are removing all advertising from YouTube," said AT&T in a statement emailed to Bloomberg. 

    Originally discovered in 2016 by YouTuber "reallygraceful" in a now-unavailable video - for which she...

  • Illinois Hopes to Fix $134 Billion Pension Shortfall By Issuing More Debt

    Back in December we noted that the lack of basic economic common sense by its politicians led the state of Illinois to a $134 pension shortfall. Now, the latest Democrat failing to understand simple math, and that the answer to fixing a debt problem is not more debt, is billionare Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker.

    Pritzker is said to be preparing his first address on the state's budget for Wednesday, where he will address his desire to issue $2 billion in bonds in order to raise cash for the...

  • Maduro Closes Border With Brazil To "Protect The People"

    Venezuela's embattled President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the border with Brazil to be closed in response to opposition leaders vowing to facilitate entry of foreign humanitarian aid, especially US aid shipments, from neighboring nations. 

    Maduro declared closure of the border during a state television address, in which he also said he's considering shutting down Venezuela's border with Colombia as well. The opposition, led by US-backed Juan Guaido, has said it plans to mount caravans to...

  • Tesla Tumbles After Consumer Reports Drops Model 3 Recommendation

    The awful start to 2019 continues for Tesla.

    Just hours after the company's brand new general counsel quit and CEO Elon Musk may have violated his consent order with the SEC by Tweeting false 2019 guidance, Consumer Reports has now pulled its recommendation of the Model 3 based on reliability issues. "Members say they’ve identified a number of problems with their cars, including issues with its body hardware, as well as paint and trim," Consumer Reports said. 

    The report called reliability "a...

  • Pimco: Now Is The Time To Start Selling

    One look at the recent collapse in the VIX, which has tumbled to levels seen just before the S&P hit its all time high in Sept, and investors may be left with the impression that there is nothing but smooth sailing ahead.

    And, at least for the universe of vol-targeting systematic funds, many of which buy only if the VIX drops below a certain threshold, that's precisely the case as the slump in the VIX is all they needed to rush back into the stock market.

    However, according to Mark...

  • Russia "Prepared For Another Cuban Missile Crisis", Putin Warns US

    Russia is militarily ready for a "Cuban Missile-style crisis" President Putin said late on Wednesday, commenting on nuclear first strike capability amidst growing tensions with the US. The remarks were given to Russian media following a prior speech wherein he warned Moscow will match any attempt by the US to station intermediate-range nuclear missiles in Europe in the wake of the now collapsing INF treaty.

    Putin specifically threatened deployment of hypersonic missiles on ships and submarines...

  • Blain: European Banks Are The Most Successful Ponzi Scheme Of All Time

    Blain's Morning Porridge, submitted by Bill Blain

    “Lenin was right. There is subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency.”

    I must post this line from one of my favourite Financial sector commentaries – Duncan Farr of Jeffries who covers banks: “Here we are 5 weeks ahead of Brexit, and the top 2 performing banks in Europe are Lloyds followed by RBoS.” If you ever wanted a clearer hint the supposed Brexit crisis and imminent collapse of UK...

  • Turkey To Receive Russian S-400 Delivery in July, Rejects US Patriot Systems Offer

    Turkey is now venting its wrath as its F-35 standoff with Washington is thrust to the next level, and after Friday President Trump signed a spending bill that blocks further F-35 transfers until November 1st of 2019, which gives the White House a window of time to evaluate if Ankara will indeed move forward with transfer of Russia's S-400 air defense system to Turkey. Amidst the Pastor Andrew Brunson detention affair which drew widespread media attention last summer Congressional leaders...