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  • Fundstrat's Tom Lee: Current Bitcoin Misery Index Never Been Reported In Bear Market

    Authored by Adrian Zmudzinski via,

    Fundstrat Global Advisors founder Tom Lee pointed out that the value currently reported by his company’s bitcoin (BTC) sentiment indicator Bitcoin Misery Index (BMI) has never been seen in a bear market. Lee made his comments during an interview with Cointelegraph published on April 19.

    image courtesy of CoinTelegraph

    During the interview, Lee noted that through 2018, the BMI has not been over 50, while it now recently touched a value of...

  • Army Orders 100,000 Next-Generation Rifles Amid Threats Of War

    Earlier this month, we reported that Textron Systems' AAI Corporation delivered its Next Generation Squad Weapon-Technology (NGSW-T) prototype demonstrator to the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Armaments Center and Joint Services Small Arms Program (JSSAP). A new report from Defense Blog shows the Army will purchase approximately 100,000 units of the next-generation weapon that fires 6.8-millimeter ammunition.

    Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Mark A. Milley on April...

  • Jim Quinn: "This Is Their Plan To F**k You"

    Authored by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog,

    The ruling oligarchs are running out of time.

    This teetering edifice of debt is going to collapse, and they know it.

    Those with cash and precious metals are enemies of the state at this point.

    They will be making an all-out effort to ban cash and force all transactions to be electronic. This will further enrich the banking cabal, as they get a hefty slice of every transaction.

    It will also allow the ruling class to inflict negative...

  • The Modern Opium Den: Starbucks Installs Needle-Disposal Boxes Across US Locations

    The 19th century had opium dens. We have Starbucks.

    A little over half a year after it became the "world's biggest public toilet", Starbucks' efforts to address the resulting spiraling drug use (including opioids) in its bathrooms - while alienating as many of its legacy clients as possible - are expanding.

    According to Business Insider, Starbucks - which is now moonlighting as a safe house for both needles users across the country - will install needle-disposal boxes in bathrooms in stores in...

  • Chicago: The 51st State?

    Authored by Kelli Ballard via Liberty Nation,

    Illinois Republicans push to be rid of Chicago by making it the 51st state – but will that help the conservative cause, or hurt it?

    Illinois just tried to jump on the newest trend of separating cities from states with a new proposal, HR101. If approved, this would detach the city of Chicago and make it the 51st state. While this is nothing new for Illinois, which has been fighting for years to distance itself from the more liberal and powerful...

  • Watergate's Woodward: FBI, CIA Handling Of Dossier "Needs To Be Investigated"

    "Worse than Watergate" is how Rep. Adam Schiff described the Mueller Report's findings as he doubled-down (or is it quadrupled?) on his fantasy dissonance about The Man In The White House.

    "Well, I think it’s clear from the Mueller report that that’s exactly right. The obstruction of justice in particular in this case is far worse than anything that Richard Nixon did. The — the break-in by the Russians of the Democratic institutions, a foreign adversary far more significant than the plumbers...

  • 'Dr.Doom': Beware The Bipolar Markets In The "New Mediocre"

    Authored by Nouriel Roubini via Project Syndicate,

    After the global risk-off of late 2018, a newfound dovishness on the part of central bankers has combined with other positive developments to revive investors' animal spirits. But with a wide array of financial and political risks clearly in view, one should not assume that the current ebullience will last the year.

    Financial markets tend to undergo manic-depressive cycles, and this has been especially true in recent years. During risk-ons,...

  • Oil Jumps, Small Caps Dump On Lowest Volume Day Of The Year

    The gap between global money-supply-fueled equity exuberance and macro- and micro-economic data has never been greater

  • Mystery Donor "Worth Over $200 Million" Wants To See Ocasio-Cortez Defeated Next Election

    A wealthy donor "worth over $200 million" wants to make sure Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez loses her next election, according to the New York Post, citing Bronx Republican chairman Mike Rendino. 

    "There’s definitely national energy and money on this race," Rendino told the Post, adding that the mystery donor has "connections to raise money in Manhattan." 

    The Democratic Socialist, who was elected after convincing voters she was a blue-collar "girl from the Bronx" despite growing up in one of the...

  • Jim Kunstler: The RussiaGate Fiasco Is Only Half Over

    Authored by James Howard Kunstler via,

    Unfortunately for the nation, the RussiaGate fiasco is only half over. There is just too much documented official turpitude on the public record for the authorities to answer for and the institutional damage runs too deep. Act One, the Mueller investigation, was a 22-month circle-jerk of prosecutorial misconduct and media malfeasance. Act Two will be the circular firing squad of former officials assassinating each other’s character to...

  • Dems Facing Crisis As Pelosi Pleads To Pass On Trump Impeachment

    Define irony: while Robert Mueller's decision not to deliver a prosecutor's opinion on his investigation was the biggest gift so far in Trump's administration, it may end up splitting the Democratic party as the decision of how to respond to the report's carte blanche to launching impeachment proceedings against Trump by Congressional democrats has created a major headache for Nancy Pelosi.

    As we reported over the weekend, in the days since the redacted Mueller report was released, many...

  • Americans Are In Deep Trouble: 23% Save Nothing From Paychecks

    Authored by Mac Slavo via,

    Americans continue to dig themselves in a deeper and deeper hole.  While many have no savings, they continue to pile on the debt and liabilities.  All of these problems will make the next recession difficult for most to get through financially.

    A new report by Forbes states that 23% (nearly one in four) Americans are saving not even one penny from their paychecks. As part of its 2019 Savings Survey, First National Bank of Omaha examined Americans’...