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  • How to Make a Risograph Texture Effect

    What You'll Be Creating

    Today we will be learning how to make risograph effects in Photoshop using just two gradient maps and one layer mode, along with a couple of layer styles. Add a riso print texture to finish everything off, and you have the perfect 90s effect!

    Want to make a risograph texture effect even faster? Check out one of the many add-ons and actions on Envato Elements that will create a risograph effect in a matter of seconds! 

    What Is a Risograph?

    So what is a Risograph? A...

  • How to Build a UIkit Lightbox With Dot Navigation

    Have you ever worked with the UIkit front-end framework? Its current version at the time of writing is 3.9.4, and in the next few months, YOOtheme (the team behind it) plan to release v4.

    This isn’t the first time I’ve written about UIkit; some years ago, while still at v2, I introduced you to its powerful features. Today I’ll cover a more specific topic; in this tutorial you’ll learn how to extend its super useful lightbox component by adding a dot navigation thanks to its dotnav...

  • 25+ Best Personal Premium and Free WordPress Portfolio Themes for 2022

    Having a website that features your portfolio is crucial if you want to attract more clients. A WordPress portfolio site is also necessary when you’re trying to land a job in a creative agency or another business looking to hire a designer, illustrator, architect, or anyone else who needs to display their work.

    “56% of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website than any other personal branding tool—however, only 7% of job seekers actually have a personal website.” –...

  • 27 Best Flutter Mobile App Templates on CodeCanyon

    Do you want to build and deploy fast, beautiful mobile apps for both Android and iOS? 

    Then you should consider creating a Flutter app. Using Flutter, you can write apps for both Android and iOS using a single codebase. And a Flutter app template makes it easy to get started.

    What Is Flutter? 

    Flutter is now one of the most popular frameworks for developing cross-platform mobile apps. In addition to being a first-class platform for Material Design, developers consider it to be a great...

  • 12+ Easy DIY Home-Based Business Ideas That Work Great (For 2022)

    After the need to work from home for most of the last two years, more and more people are thinking about finding home-based businesses that work and making this a permanent choice. 

    More than ever before, workers prefer working from home to a traditional office setting. (Image source: Envato Elements)

    The numbers are staggering. According to Pew Research, some 54% of Americans would rather work from home after the pandemic ends. According to NBC News a new poll shows that 97% of Black people...

  • 16 Best Free Nonprofit PowerPoint PPT Templates for Charity Presentations 2022

    Do you need to make a non profit organization PowerPoint presentation? There are many reasons why you may need to create a PowerPoint presentation.

    This premium nonprofit PowerPoint template can be found on Envato Elements.

    It's important to use a nonprofit PowerPoint template with a high-quality design. When you download a template with a premade high-quality design, it saves time. You save time because all you need to do is add your information to it and customize the template if you...

  • How to Expand Your Freelance Work to Include New Skills and Specialties

    Stagnation is like death for creative professionals. Unfortunately, for many of us, the need to pay the bills and establish expertise keeps us in mind-numbing, repetitive types of work. We get really good at the work, and can, perhaps, command a higher rate, but we also get bored and burn-out. 

    Keep your career progressing by learning new skills. Image source: Envato Elements

    Nobody has time for that. 

    We need to increase our potential earnings and expertise while also maintaining our...

  • 2000s Graphic Design: From the Y2K Aesthetic to Glitter Text and Emo

    The turn of the 21st century was a pivotal time for graphic design.

    Today we'll take a look at what the Y2K aesthetic is by checking out 00s graphic design trends and seeing how you can easily recreate them in your work using some terrific resources from Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

    00s Graphic Design Trends

    The turn of the millennium was a volatile time. First there were the overblown fears about the Y2K computer bug that was supposedly going to destroy civilisation as we knew...

  • 43 Cool Cat Logo Designs (Creative Cat Logo Ideas)

    Many people love cats, so it makes sense that if you're a cat lover you'd want to put one on your logo. They're fun, full of character, and guaranteed to draw attention.

    Whether you run a cat-friendly business like a pet shop or you want to use a cute cat logo for another type of business, read on to discover some creative cat logo designs you'll love!

    Unlimited Cute Cat Logo Downloads at Envato Elements

    Envato Elements is the place to go when you need great cat logos and other premium...

  • 8 Best Free Live Chat PHP Scripts

    Are you thinking of adding a free live chat feature to your website? Do you want to give personalized live chat support that will improve your visitors' website experience? Do you want your forum members to chat with each other in real time? 

    Fortunately, there are free PHP scripts available to help. Free PHP live chat scripts come in all sizes and shapes. Nearly all free PHP live chat scripts come with the basic features to set up a basic chat facility on your website.

    Some free PHP...

  • Comparing the 5 Best PHP Form Builders (And 3 Free Scripts)

    If you’re using PHP to build a website, chances are that you’ll need to add a form to the site. 

    The most common forms on the average website are contact forms. They enable visitors to contact you quickly and easily. But other forms can come in handy as well. For example, you may want to add a PHP email form as an alternative to the PHP contact form, or add a form to get feedback from your visitors on some aspect of your service or products. Whatever kind of form you need, you’re going to want...

  • How to Draw a Wolf Step by Step

    What You'll Be Creating

    Do you want to draw a beautiful, realistic wolf? In this tutorial I'll show you how to draw a realistic wolf step by step, without any reference. You'll learn how to plan the pose, how to add the body, how to create the correct proportions of the head, and how to cover it all with fur. You can use any tools you want!

    This realistic wolf drawing can inspire you to create unique wolf logos. Or maybe you've got a gaming team in need of a fresh new logo. In that case, you...