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  • This actor refuses to kiss other actresses on screen

    “Band of Brothers’’ and “Desperate Housewives’’ actor Neal McDonough says his religious beliefs — and undying devotion to his ex-model wife, Ruve Robertson — keep him from getting up close and personal with co-stars on screen, even if it costs him jobs and the hefty paychecks that go with them.

  • Bryan Cranston the Actor Forced to Defend Acting as an Actor, Due to Activists

    The need for wokeness to be applied to all forms of entertainment is growing. The scourge of social justice awakening is spreading like a virulent strain of cultural kudzu. Every possible group has seen its aggrievement metastasize, moving from mere victimhood to a position of entitled aggrievement. Not content to be American, they now identify based on their chosen sub-group(s), and they are upset by | Read More

  • Actress Carol Channing dead at 97

    Carol Channing, who won over audiences with a giddy, guileless charm in trademark roles in “Hello Dolly” and “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” died on Tuesday at the age of 97, her publicist Harlan Boll said. Channing died of natural causes at her home in Rancho Mirage, California. In a career that spanned seven decades, the saucer-eyed, raspy-voiced musical-comedy star never shook her associations with matchmaker Dolly Levi from the 1964 Broadway musical “Hello Dolly!” or gold