Assad articles

  • Why Russia and Assad are now ready to smash Idlib

    Russian President Vladimir Putin's truce over Syria's Idlib governate was always a joke. Now, Russia is preparing to prove it.

  • Syria: Assad has decisively won his brutal battle

    Trump’s decision to pull US troops out leaves the opposition stranded

    This year is ending on a note of triumph for the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Donald Trump has announced a rapid troop withdrawal from Syria, shocking everyone including his own generals and diplomats. Last week, the United Arab Emirates reopened its embassy in Damascus, which it had closed as part of a campaign of multinational pressure against the regime in 2011. Bahrain followed suit and other countries, including Kuwait, are...

  • Arab nations inch toward rehabilitating Syria's Assad

    BEIRUT (AP) " Syrian President Bashar Assad is poised to be readmitted to the fold of Arab nations, a feat deemed unthinkable eight years ago as he forcefully crushed the uprising against his family's rule.Gulf Arab nations, once the main backers of rebels fighting Assad, are lining up to reopen their embassies in Syria, worried about leaving the country to regional rivals Iran and Turkey and missing out on lucrative post-war reconstructive projects.Key border crossings with [