Conflicts articles

  • Evolutionary conflicts predicted

    Evolution seems to be an unpredictable process. However, predicting the constraints of evolution is possible. Researchers from AMOLF and the French ESPCI have demonstrated this using their mathematical method, followed by experiments on bacteria. On June 24, they publish their results in the journal Cell Systems.

  • A Conflict of Visions on the Supreme Court

    On June 29, 2020, United States Chief Justice John G. Roberts let down constitutional conservatives once again -- this time on abortion. In June Medical Services, LLC et al v. Russo, Roberts cast the tiebreaking vote striking down a Louisiana law req

  • Behind the Conflicting Advice on Coronavirus Safety

    The now-infamous event occurred on March 15: A choir gathered in Skagit County, Washington, for a socially distanced practice indoors. One choir member with coronavirus symptoms showed up to sing. Of the 60 members present, 52 people became infected with the coronavirus, and two died.

    In the past few months, those following and researching the coronavirus pandemic have become well-acquainted with this case. But in mid-May, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report that...