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  • What Are Photoshop Actions and How to Install Photoshop Actions

    What You'll Be Creating

    What are Photoshop Actions? Why should you use them and how? This 60-second video will show you why Photoshop Actions should be an important part of your workflow.

    What are Photoshop Actions

    Photoshop Actions are some of the hottest selling items available on Envato Market. These actions provide an easy way to create a complex graphic effect with any image in a matter of moments. They often include built-in controls to enable you to customize the appearance of the final...

  • The Christmas Spirit in Action: Strangers Donate Gifts to Family of a Utah Mayor Killed in Action in Afghanistan

    After one family suffered a heartbreaking tragedy, strangers took time and effort to try to make their Christmas as happy as possible. Last month, Utah mayor Brent Taylor was killed in action on his fourth tour of duty. Taylor was a married father of seven, and according to a Christmas Day Facebook status by his widow Jennie, strangers rallied behind her family for the holidays by donating “a mountain | Read More

  • The Arrival Of The Credit Crisis

    Authored by Alasdair Macleod via,

    Those of us who closely follow the credit cycle should not be surprised by the current slide in equity markets. It was going to happen anyway. The timing had recently become apparent as well, and in early August I was able to write the following:

    “The timing for the onset of the credit crisis looks like being any time from during the last quarter of 2018, only a few months away, to no later than mid-2019.”

    The crisis is arriving on cue and can...