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  • Movies about movies – ranked!

    Odes to cinema from Sam Mendes, Steven Spielberg and Damien Chazelle will jostle for Oscar glory next year – until then, here are 20 of the best films about film-making well worth dimming the lights forWhat if Max Schreck, star of FW Murnau’s silent classic Nosferatu, really had been a vampire? It’s an irresistible premise, and Willem Dafoe is poignant, repulsive and hilarious as the actor who works only at night – but the film-makers blot their copybook by depicting Murnau, film-making genius,...
  • Narappa Movie Actual Story: What About The Movie Was?

    Asuran, a critically lauded Dhanush film released in 2019, was based on Poonamni’s novel Vekkai, translated into English as Heat. Narappa’s trailer reveals that Asuran…
  • Current Movies In Theaters Now + Movie Tickets

    Here’s a look at current movies in theaters right now, updated every Friday. Check out this page to see all movies in theaters updated in real-time. For the latest releases, take a look at weekend movie releases updated on Thursdays. For new movie trailers, watch the latest movie trailers right here, updated on Wednesdays. Movie […]