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  • How to Stop Fake News: Rating News Sources?

    Antino Kim, Alan R. Dennis, Patricia L. Moravec, Randall K. Minas

    Security, Americas

    Rating news sources can help limit the spread of misinformation.

    Online misinformation has significant real-life consequences, such as measles outbreaks and encouraging racist mass murderers. Online misinformation can have political consequences as well.

    The problem of disinformation and propaganda misleading social media users was serious in 2016, continued unabated in 2018 and is expected to be even more...

  • Even Good News Comes With Bad News

    We’re long past the era of having nice things, and that’s doubly true when it comes to the climate. So it’s fitting that even on a day when there’s a bit of good news about coal’s decline, we also learned that greenhouse gases in the atmosphere hit a new peak.


  • The Real News Crisis Isn’t Fake News

    In the aftermath of the twin shocks of 2016—Brexit on one side of the Atlantic, Donald Trump on the other—many in the media identified “fake news” as the culprit and as one of the emergent evils of the modern world. It was invoked the way terrorism was after 9/11: shadowy, stateless, destabilizing. It’s no surprise that, by June of 2019, 50 percent of Americans viewed it as a bigger threat than terrorism, with 70 percent saying that it was greatly affecting trust in government institutions....