Peter Barbey

  • Marcus Peters still believes in Marcus Peters. Do the Rams?

    He's been burned and been accountable. Facing his former team, can Peters can return to his All-Pro form and stay in L.A.?

  • Peter Bart: Peter Guber’s New Arena Is His Latest Sports Foray

    With Hollywood in a state of disruption, the town's producers face a challenge to creatively reinvent themselves. Reflecting this process, Peter Guber, long a top movie dealmaker, this week set forth plans for the grand opening in 2019 of a privately funded 18,000-seat stadium (Chase Center) that will totally transform the Mission Bay section of San Francisco. Last year, a Guber-backed $350 million soccer stadium for Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Football Club in…

  • Peter Seeley obituary

    My father, Peter Seeley, who has died aged 85, was lucky to have lived at all. Born in Coventry, he weighed in at under 3lb at birth. He was placed in one of the first mobile incubators (it was 1933) and driven to Birmingham, with the ambulance stopping every few miles to check if he was still alive.

    The journey was worth it. Although Peter was born colour blind and had a foreshortened arm with only three digits, they were both conditions that he was able to manage. Continue reading...