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  • Fake News? How About No News?

    Authored by Eric Peters via,

    Trump gets flak for characterizing the mainstream press as purveyors of Fake News. But what about no news at all?

    Isn’t lack of coverage even worse than biased coverage?

    Well, how much news have you heard or read about the gilets jaunes – or “yellow vest” – protests in France?

    CNN hasn’t got anything on its main page today (Jan. 9). Neither did NBC or CBS. Lots of the usual – endless – carpet-chewing coverage of Trump, though. And also of...

  • Are you confused by the news from Brexitland? Send us your questions

    The Guardian’s European affairs correspondent Jon Henley will attempt to answer questions from people living outside the UK

    Brexit is confusing enough for British people, so what must it be like for non-nationals? Are you living outside the UK and unable to tell your political declaration from your withdrawal agreement, let alone your Irish backstop? Wondering why the UK is in this mess – and what on earth might happen next?

    If there are things you don’t understand about the Brexit process, send...

  • Cyberattack on US papers could be from N.Korea- News

    A cyberattack on the operations of a major US newspaper has caused delivery delays, prompting the Department of Homeland Security to look into the situation.