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  • How the Korean War Was Almost a Nuclear War

    Robert Farley

    History, Asia

    A close call.

    Key Point: MacArthur wanted to use nuclear weapons to win. Truman said no.

    In 1950, as U.S. forces retreated from China’s onslaught across the Yalu River, General Douglas MacArthur called for strategic air attacks against China. Many believed that this would necessarily include the atomic bomb, America’s “asymmetric advantage” of the time.

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  • Why the Korean War Could End, or a Second Korean War Could Begin

    Robert Gallucci

    Security, Asia

    The Korean War could come to an end formally, legally, with a peace treaty which would replace the seventy-year-old armistice, or it could end, for all practical purposes, with the end to hostile relations between North and South Korea (ROK) and between North Korea (DPRK) and the United States, with no party having any real concern that war would break out again. It could end one way and not the other, or it could end both de facto and de jure, but I do not think...

  • Nolte: The Left's War on Police Is a War on Black People

    Over the past five years, most especially during the Trump era, things have improved for black Americans, in some cases dramatically, and it is now that we're declaring war on the police? This is not a coincidence.