Car seats

  • Who Is Responsible for Providing Car Seats in Rideshares?

    Buckling kids into their car seats is a daily routine for many parents as they get in the family car.

    But when using rideshare services, car seats are often not available, making getting from point A to point B with a small child more complicated. DC Woman Finds Live Frog in Salad From Cava Most rideshares don't have car seats installed, and it can be inconvenient to bring one along.

    But car seats reduce the risk of injury during a crash by 80 percent, according to Consumer Reports. And in...

  • Room for one more: the four-abreast car seat

    Perfect for large families or parents of twins and triplets, the Multimac is a unique, sanity-saving, multiple child seat system, which fits into the back of almost any car

    I sometimes used to imagine parenting was a sort of extreme endurance sport. Throw in a few years of sleep deprivation and simple tasks like ‘feeding the baby’ (a teaspoon of slop inserted into a bobbing head) soon become hellish. Among the hardest challenges you face is ‘getting the baby into the car’. My wife and I used to...

  • Majority of car seats contain toxic flame retardants

    Researchers are worried about the chemicals' effect on child development – but shouldn't we be more worried about the cars themselves?