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  • Cubs lose 4-2 to Gray, Reds

    Chicago Cubs lose 4-2 to Sonny Gray, Cincinnati Reds, hurting playoff positioning

  • Cubs lose 4-2 to Gray, Reds

    CHICAGO (AP) - The Chicago Cubs were shut down by Sonny Gray and two relievers Tuesday night, falling 4-2 to the Cincinnati Reds in a loss that hurt their playoff positioning. Chicago had won five in a row, outscoring its opponents 59-18 during the stretch. But it managed just two

  • Director James Gray muses on 'Ad Astra'

    "I'm sorry to get sententious on you," James Gray says around the midpoint of our interview. The director of "Ad Astra" is apologizing for keeping things highbrow, which is no reason to apologize at all.

    Gray has been arguing astronauts are bad at talking about the wonders of space travel. His theory is that art gets the metaphysics of space in a way that many who've been there cannot express. He's moved through a decent Neil Armstrong impression, "The Empire Strikes Back" and Vermeer, and now...