Dozen articles

  • Dozens hurt after explosion in central Paris

    At least 36 people have been injured after a gas leak caused an explosion in Paris, emergency services in the French capital say.

    The blast occurred at a bakery at 9 a.m. local time on Saturday, as firefighters were responding reports of the leak.

    "The human toll is heavy -- 12 people seriously injured, of which three are firefighters," prosecutor Rémy Heitz told reporters.

    Five people, including two of the injured firefighters, are in a critical state, Heitz added. An additional 24 people were...

  • Jefferies Sues Cantor For Stealing Dozens Of Employees

    For years, "less than bulge bracket" bank Jefferies was best known for poaching (disgruntled) bankers from its competitors, and did so with gusto. It now turns out that the Dick Handler-headed bank is far less happy when it is on the receiving end.

    Bloomberg reports that Jefferies Financial Group is suing Cantor Fitzgerald's global and Hong Kong units over the loss of dozens of bankers to the competing New York firm. In addition to suing the brokerage, Jefferies is also suing several employees...

  • NASCAR lays off dozens of employees, including in Charlotte

    NASCAR is cutting dozens of jobs amid a proposed bid to buy International Speedway Corporation, which owns and manage racing facilities that host NASCAR races. Roughly 50 NASCAR employees in