• Here's a new, smarter way to learn a new language

    At the rate the world is shrinking, you don't need to be a globetrotter for a second language to be a useful skill. And if you're looking to learn that second language (or a third, or fourth), uTalk Language Education is the learning program that makes progression not only easy but fun.

    If you can't be among native speakers, there's not much of an immediate reward to rote memorization of words and phrases. That's why uTalk "gamifies" the process by folding the learning process into fun...

  • Searching for New Atlantis in China: New at Reason

    Twin baby girls, Lulu and Nana, were born in Shenzhen, China last month. That's not news, but this is: These two will likely never have to fear HIV infection. Not because a new vaccine was invented, but because they were born immune to the most common forms of the virus.

    You might think this would be a reason to celebrate—imagine a world where no one ever contracts HIV again—but instead of champagne popping, a volcano of outrage and disgust erupted upon the girls' birth announcement.

    Many are...

  • Under new management, Firefly announces lineup, new programs

    DOVER, Del. (AP) - Having transferred hands this past year, Delaware's Firefly Music Festival has announced its 2019 lineup and new offerings. News outlets reported Monday that the festival returns to The Woodlands for its eighth year June 21-23, now one day shorter. Travis Scott, Post Malone and Panic! At