• Your December Horoscope, Revealed

    There’s nothing like the fresh perspective that comes with a new month, is there, stargazers? On the 2nd, Venus, the planet of charm and beauty, will change houses, affecting everyone under the stars. From the 5th to the 7th, Mars will conjunct with Neptune, inspiring us to give our ideas a real place in the world. Messenger planet Mercury ends his last retrograde of the year on the 6th, helping us to communicate more clearly and relate to each other with greater transparency. On the 7th, we...

  • The Saturn Nebula reveals its complexity

    A planetary nebula is the corpse that remains when a star dies. When planetary nebulae were observed for the first time with a telescope, they presented a roughly circular shape, resembling that of the gas giant planets. Hence their name, which remains in use even though they are very different from planets. The article published recently by Astronomy & Astrophysics is the first detailed study of a galactic planetary nebula with the MUSE integral field spectrograph on ESO's Very Large...

  • A Professional Safecracker Reveals His Craft

    Charlie Santore sees Los Angeles from the inside, by breaking into safes whose owners can no longer unlock them.