Sexy articles

  • The Least Sexy Sext You've Ever Received

    When I woke up this morning, the first full article I read was about Jeff Bezos’s dick. Specifically, its size, as revealed to a Page Six source. (You didn’t ask, but the insider said: “It’s big.”) This nugget of knowledge came to light only after a series of sexts and dick picks the evil Amazon man is alleged to have sent anchor Lauren Sanchez in the midst of his divorce, which were leaked to and published by the National Enquirer.

  • Notoriously sexy video game toned down because of #MeToo

    The “Dead or Alive” series is known as much for its female characters and their preposterous physiques. The game has even been known for the programming of specific exaggerated “breast physics” — but not this time. The game’s director and producer, Yohei Shimbori, admitted that the #MeToo movement and other shifts in society since “Dead

  • Michael Cohen paid IT firm to tweet that he was sexy

    Wall Street Journal reports Cohen paid John Gauger to set up WomenForCohen account to promote him as a ‘pit bull’ and ‘sex symbol’

    Michael Cohen is a sexy pit bull terrier with a fantastic smile, according to a Twitter account that it turns out was started at the instruction of one Michael Cohen.

    Cohen – Donald Trump’s former friend, attorney and fixer, now flipper – hired an IT firm called RedFinch Solutions to manipulate an online CNBC poll about the country’s top 100 leaders, and later to run...