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  • Steven throws a party on a transitional Steven Universe

    “Together Alone” opens with a beautiful shot of the open vista of Homeworld, taken up by the four parts of what is, essentially, the Gem Voltron: White’s head and torso, Yellow’s and Blue’s arms, and Pink’s legs. The image echoed in a later shot of the same space just before Steven’s ball, albeit this time without the arms. (Also, everything is a bit brighter this time, and the landing pad zone is framed by Hollywood-style searchlights announcing Steven’s party.) The two images are almost...

  • Women and weed

    By the end of 2018, the marijuana business in the United States was worth $10.4 billion and employed one-quarter of a million people in work directly involving the plants, according to Beau Whitney, vice president and senior economist at New Frontier Data, a market research and data analysis firm that specializes in the cannabis industry. 

    Investors poured $10 billion into cannabis in North America in 2018, twice what was invested in the last three years combined, he said, and the combined...

  • The Case for Legalizing Weed

    Ten states and Washington, D.C., have now legalized adult use of marijuana.

    Supporters of America's long war on drugs said legalization would create disaster. Has it? No.

    Colorado and Washington offer the longest points of comparison because weed has been legal in those states now for five years.

    More people in Colorado tried marijuana after legalization, but that's not a surprise.

    Colorado's crime rate did rise a bit. But many things influence crime rates. Washington state's violent crime rate...