Al Franken: Resign, You Selfish Buffoon
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  • Al Franken: Resign, You Selfish Buffoon

    We've made the obvious ethical argument. Now let's make the strategic one.

  • Al Franken resigns

    In the wake of more than 30 Democratic senators calling for his resignation, Sen. Al Franken announced on the Senate floor this morning that he will step down. The Minnesota senator has been accused by eight women of touching them inappropriately over the years, dating from when he was still working as a comedian to the beginnings of his political career, after the initial accusations made by radio host Leeann Tweeden. While he reiterated today that “some of the allegations against me are simply...

  • Al Franken Resigns

    Al Franken actually did it. After yesterday disputing reports that he had decided he would announce his resignation today, the senior Democratic senator from Minnesota announced today from the Senate floor that he would resign "in the coming weeks."

    Franken said he was "excited" about the conversation about the way men mistreat women when it first started, saying it was "long overdue."

    "Then it came back to me," he said, saying he was shocked and upset to hear how women perceived his actions. He...