Trump Was Presented With 3 Options On Syria, Picked The Least Expensive One
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  • Trump Was Presented With 3 Options On Syria, Picked The Least Expensive One

    The White House took roughly a week to retaliate against the Syrian regime for a gas attack on a rebel-held city as Trump was distracted by the FBI's raid on the home, hotel and office of his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, the ongoing negotiations over Nafta and his burgeoning war against Amazon.

    While Trump alienated much of his noninterventionist base by ordering the strikes, it also appears that the president somehow resisted the temptation to go full neocon - opting instead for the most...

  • 3 reasons Trump shouldn't strike Syria

    President Trump is coming close to his self-imposed deadline to make a decision on how the United States will respond to the latest suspected chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime in the Syrian town of Douma. While the administration is still considering various options, everybody is anticipating that the order to strike the Syrian government has largely been made. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told his security ministers that “there is a high probability” of U.S. military...

  • President Trump's military options in Syria

    MSNBC’s Ali Velshi breaks down some of President Trump’s options in response to the suspected chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria. NBC News Pentagon Correspondent Hans Nichols and Retired Four Star General and NBC Military Analyst General Barry McCaffrey join to discuss the obstacles of an attack.