Will the Olympics go bust?
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  • Will the Olympics go bust?

    While the costs of hosting are going up, the prestige and long-term economic benefits seem to be going down.

  • Ignore the Olympic Hype on North Korea—Moon Will Likely Go to Pyongyang

    Robert E Kelly

    Security, Asia

    The Olympics are fluff. It's what happens after the Winter Games that matters.

    The hype around North Korea’s participation in the Olympics is astonishing. The headlines in the Western media particularly have been remarkably forward in suggesting a major breakthrough is imminent because of an inter-Korean squad and the attendance of the sister of the North Korean leader. And there has been a disturbing amount of fawning over the North’s participation. The...

  • Will Corker Stay or Will He Go?

    Senator Bob Corker made headlines last October when he became the first GOP senator to announce he would not seek reelection in 2018—then quickly ignited a public spat with President Donald Trump, with the two trading barbs on Twitter. Over a period of weeks, Corker called the Trump White House “an adult day care center,” said Trump had “proven himself unable to rise to the occasion” of being president, and said there was “no way” he could support him again. Meanwhile, Trump (incorrectly)...