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  • Nvidia and MIT's AI can clean up your noisy photos

    If you’ve ever taken photos after sundown, you’re probably familiar with the ‘noise’ that distorts your pictures with colored specks. It’s possible to fix your images to some degree with software – but an AI developed by Nvidia, MIT and Aalto University can go much further – without ever having seen noise-free photographs. The Noise2Noise AI was trained using 50,000 pictures – as well as MRI scans and computer-generated images -that had randomized noise added to them. In their paper, the...

  • Nvidia AI can remove noise and artifacts from grainy photos

    Nvidia has developed an impressive deep learning technique capable of automatically removing noise and artifacts from photos. Whereas recent deep learning work in this field has focused on training a neural network with clean and noisy images, Nvidia’s AI can do so without ever being shown a noise-free example.

  • Nvidia uses AI to clean up messy photos

    Researchers from Nvidia, MIT, and Aalto University are using artificial intelligence to reduce noise from photos. The team used 50,000 images from the ImageNet dataset to train its AI system for reconstructing photos, and is able to remove noise from an image even though it has never seen an image without noise. Named Noise2Noise, the AI system […]