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  • Morgan Stanley: "Buy The Dip" Is Dead

    By Chris Metli, Executive Director in Morgan Stanley's Institutional Equity Division

    Buying the dip has been the right trade for so long that it has become ingrained in investors’ psyche.  Ample liquidity in the QE era provided the ammunition, and with robust earnings growth investors learned that selling into a downturn was the wrong trade, particularly during 2016 and 2017 (think the Brexit and US election selloffs and sharp rebounds).  Even corporates have learned to buy the dips.


  • Morgan Stanley says Bitcoin is a new type of asset

    Sometimes it seems institutions and governments spend more time trying to figure out how Bitcoin should be classified, rather than actually doing anything with it. Well, global investment bank Morgan Stanley is the latest to stick their oar in, claiming that Bitcoin has become an institutional investment class, CoinDesk reports. Basically this means its a type of asset like: shares, bonds, property, commodities, or cash. The revelation comes following a review on the last 6-months of Bitcoin...

  • Morgan Stanley downgrades Ford and says dividend at risk

    The automaker is suffering from the appearance that it lacks transparency and decisive action.