• Schumacher Homes: Designing your new home

    There are so many choices that go into designing your home to make it reflect your style and personality.

    In today's Home Builders Spotlight, Paul Schumacher from Schumacher Homes talks about their design center and how they can help you through the process.

    Watch the video, above, for more.

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    From luxurious boltholes perfect for a romantic weekend getaway to spacious apartments packed with family-friendly conveniences, take your pick of our top holiday apartments in Rome.

  • The best smart home devices that work with Google Home

    Google Home, the search giant’s series of smart speakers powered by Google Assistant, is a pretty impressive hands-free helper. You can ask it when your next meeting is, tell it to add an item to your grocery shopping list, have it call your spouse’s phone, and perform myriad other daily tasks.

    But it’s third-party products that put the “home” in Google Home. It works with thousands of smart home devices that can help you with everything from controlling your entertainment system to managing...