Junk science

  • The Corruption of Science

    When misrepresenting science, corrupted oracles attempt to leverage the good science has done to advance their own personal agenda.

  • This week in science: there is no spoon

    You can learn a lot about Trumpism by boning up on just about any topic in pseudoscience. For me, it was evolution biology under assault by creationists during the Bush administration over a decade ago. You can see those same tactics on full display from these current clowns with an added twist: creating so much confusion that objective reality recedes, leaving a blank, empty space yearning to be filled and thus open for any harebrained notion to fill:

    Perhaps the weirdest modern conspiracy...

  • Economics Is Not Rocket Science

    Authored by Gary Galles via The Mises Institute,

    Over the years, I have heard multiple different things described as “not rocket science.” The implication was always that rocket science was just about the hardest thing to do, making virtually everything else easy by comparison. As an economics professor over many of those years, I have increasingly come to object to that characterization. I think the questions of social coordination that economics addresses may not require “rocket science,” but...