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  • Driver rolls his SUV in Russia

    The incident, which happened in Novgorod Oblast, saw the SUV launched into a barrel roll and collide with a car heading in the opposite direction.

  • Russia Has ‘Oligarchs,’ the US Has ‘Businessmen’

    In 150 NYT, CNN and Fox articles, ‘oligarch’ seems reserved for Slavic billionaires.. Even in corporate media, you will occasionally see references to the United States as an “oligarchy.” That is the judgment of former President Jimmy Carter, of peer-reviewed academic studies, and even opinion pieces in our most prestigious media (e.g., Washington Post,

  • The Establishment Is Changing Its Tune On Russia

    The Establishment Is Changing Its Tune On Russia

    Authored by Patrick Lawrence via,

    Russophobic rhetoric persists in Washington, but a counter-argument is emerging.

    Are Western democracies, the U.S. and France in the lead, rethinking the hostility toward Russia they conjured out of nothing since Moscow responded to the coup Washington cultivated in Ukraine five years ago? Will Trump eventually succeed in putting ties with Russia on a more productive path —...