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  • Google improves Android App Bundles and makes building Instant Apps easier

    Google is launching a number of new features for Android app developers today that will make it easier for them to build smaller apps that download faster and to release instant apps that allow potential users to trial a new app without having to install it. Android App Bundles, a feature that allows developers to modularize their […]

  • App Store Bundles Gain Support for Mac Apps and Free Apps With Subscriptions

    Apple today announced expanded features for App Store bundles, introducing support for both Mac apps and free apps with subscriptions for the first time.

    Mac app developers are now able to create bundles of up to 10 apps, allowing customers to purchase multiple Mac apps at once at a discounted price.

    Bundles like these have long been available through the iOS app store for purchasing multiple games or apps at one time, but until today, Mac App Store developers were not able to create...

  • Google releases Android Studio 3.2 with app bundle support

    Google released Android Studio 3.2 today with a bunch of useful new features for developers on, including a new app publishing format, an energy profiler, and an improved emulator. As is the case almost every year, the company had announced the update at its IO developer conference in May. Here are some of the best features worth looking out for: Material design update and slices support: The update provides access to updated Material Design widgets such as BottomNavBar, cards, and buttons,...