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  • This bookstore just sold a book that had been on a shelf for nearly 28 years

    Indie bookshops are often great places for book lovers to browse for hidden gems. Some gems, though, remain hidden for a pretty long time before anyone picks them up and gives them a home.

    Broadhurst's Bookshop, an independent bookshop in the English town of Southport, just sold such a gem after having kept it on their shelves for nearly 28 years. 

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    The tweet announcing the sale currently has 134,000 likes. 

    I have just sold a book that we...

  • Save big on TicWatch smartwatches in the Amazon Black Friday UK sale

    It's been established for a while now that we are already living in the future. Nearly everything is automated and cars are practically driving themselves. And oh yeah, there's a robot dog empire on the rise, turning Black Mirrorscenarios into a reality.

    Life isn't always a terrifying dystopian nightmare come true however. There are so many ways the advancement in technology is making our lives easier and better. Smartwatches are a great example of this. You can now organise your life, stay...

  • BBC crew interrupt filming to rescue penguins in latest David Attenborough show

    One particular scene had people on the edge of their seats during the latest episode of BBC's latest David Attenborough nature documentary, Dynasties. 

    It followed a group of emperor penguins trying to survive the brutal winter in Antarctica. When a particularly nasty storm blew some of the penguins down into a ravine with walls too steep for them to climb, things got almost too real. 

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    Some penguin mothers...

  • You'll never pop bubble wrap again after this episode of 'Doctor Who'

    Great, even everyday postage items are no longer safe. 

    In the latest episode of Doctor Who, bubble wrap, which you've likely popped with copious amounts of glee, has been rendered a fearsome, transparent temptation of doom. 

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    In the sixth episode of Series 11 "Kerblam!," the Doctor, Graham, Yaz, and Ryan visit the warehouse of Kerblam, the galaxy's largest retailer (and a subtle dig at Amazon).

    Without giving too...

  • Turn your iPhone into a 360-degree 4K camera with this pre-Black Friday sale

    From portrait mode to time lapse, the iPhone camera can surely hold its own, especially compared to its flip-phone predecessors and their potato-quality pics. Really, it's no wonder no one's buying digital cameras anymore. Why spend extra cash on a gadget that only takes pictures when your current phone can already do so, and just as well? 

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    Still, there's one feature Apple has yet to add to its smartphones' cameras, and that's...

  • John Oliver's latest deep dive takes a look at 1 very troubling global trend

    If you thought John Oliver was going to pick a lighter topic to round off his most recent series, you'd be wrong.

    Yep: the latest issue up for discussion is the fairly unnerving global trend of countries electing authoritarian leaders to power — from Vladimir Putin's ongoing reign in Russia to Brazil's recent appointment of the far-right politician Jair Bolsonaro.

    In the clip above, Oliver breaks down exactly what makes an "authoritarian" leader — from projecting strength and demonising enemies...

  • Want to hydrate like Beyoncé? Pick up this alkaline water bottle that just went on sale.

    Forget Hansel — alkaline water is so hot right now. Reportedly guzzled by the likes of Beyoncé, Tom Brady, and Miranda Kerr, alkaline water is a pH-basic version of regular tap water that is said to balance your body chemistry, keep you better hydrated, clear up your skin, boost your immunity, and neutralize free radicals within your system.

    Is it for real, or is it all hype? One way to decide would be to drink some for yourself.

    Here's the thing, though: If you want to hydrate like the rich and...

  • Finns troll Trump with photos of themselves raking leaves

    Donald Trump's comment about raking leaves has left some Finns scratching their heads.

    It comes after a visit to the fire-ravaged Paradise in California on Saturday, where Trump suggested people could be cleaning up leaves to prevent blazes.

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    "You look at other countries where they do it differently and it’s a whole different story. I was with the President of Finland and he said we are a forest nation. He called it a forest...

  • These 14 giant uterus sculptures show you the journey from conception to birth

    Want to know what the uterus looks like in the various stages before a baby is born? Yeah, you do.

    British artist Damien Hirst has officially unveiled 14 colossal bronze uterus sculptures outside a hospital in Qatar, graphically documenting the stages from conception to birth.

    The gigantic bronze work is called The Miraculous Journey, and begins with the fertilization of an egg, depicts various stages of a fetus growing inside the uterus, and culminates in a 46-foot baby. 

    Each sculpture ranges...

  • Apple's Tim Cook warns regulation is coming for the tech industry

    This year has been horrendous for Silicon Valley's public image.

    With a litany of issues like data misuse and political interference laid bare within the last 12 months, Apple CEO Tim Cook told Axios on HBO that government regulation of the tech industry is "inevitable."

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    "Generally speaking, I am not a big fan of regulation," he said in an interview from Apple's headquarters in Cupertino.

    "I'm a big...

  • 'Shrek Retold' is a bizarre fan-made remake of the classic animated film

    Nearly 20 years on and several disappointing sequels later, Shrek is still on our minds.

    As it has been for over 200 people, who have contributed to a huge and very weird project called Shrek Retold, a scene-by-scene remake of the 1999 film.

    Behind it all is 3GI, the team responsible for the annual festival dedicated to the cantankerous ogre, Shrekfest. A mix of animation, bizarre 3D renderings, and live action scenes, the film's trailer really speaks for itself.

    Shrek Retold is set to be...

  • Facebook's former security chief stands up for the social network, calls for change

    Facebook's former chief security officer is defending the social network amid the fallout from the New York Times’ bombshell report on the company this past week.

    Alex Stamos, who was the company’s CSO from 2015 up until the summer of 2018, wrote a piece published in the Washington Post on Saturday responding to the New York Times report. Stamos attempted to dispel the Times’ report claiming that Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, fearing blowback, delayed taking action following his team’s...