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  • Google Assistant can now match your voice to your individual Netflix profile

    Netflix has long been available on Google Assistant, but now Google has added the ability to match individual voices with their own Netflix profiles.

    Until now, only one main paired Netflix account was accessible on Google Home devices, able to throw binge-worthy series to your TV using a Chromecast. 

    But if you're in a busy household with conflicting television tastes and watching rates, it can be a little annoying using just one account.

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  • DoorDash helps users combat food waste

    With so much food going to waste, food delivery app DoorDash figured it had the tools to do something about it.

    Project DASH launched this month to give back to food banks and help restaurants with the 100,000 pounds of their extra food that's thrown away each year. 

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    Now restaurants can donate food through a pilot program in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York City. DoorDash deliverers will drop off food at the charity...

  • Dramatic photos of flooded Paris as the Seine overflows

    In Paris, the Seine is flooding. 

    After heavy rains, the river's water level hit around 16 feet on Tuesday, a city official told The Washington Post. It could reach 19.5 feet by the end of the week. On a normal day, it's about 6.5 feet. River cruises and the commuter rail line that runs along the Seine have been shut down. It's the worst flooding since 2016, when rising waters forced the Louvre to shut down as museum workers crated works of art and moved them upstairs. 

    The flood emergency level...

  • Cyclist stops to give thirsty koala dubbed 'Slurpy' a drink of water

    It's stinking hot in Australia right now. So much so that koalas are drinking water, which is something they don't ordinarily do. 

    Cyclist Matt Sully was riding around the Adelaide Hills last Thursday when he came across a thirsty little guy who was looking for a drink.

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    "It was so hot in them there hills today ... The koalas were flagging us down to give em water," Sully wrote in a Facebook...

  • Laura Dern confirms this dog looks a lot like Laura Dern

    We mean this with the upmost respect, but this dog looks a lot like the wonderful actor Laura Dern. 

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    A post shared by Kimchee The Maltipoo (@kimcheethemaltipoo) on Jan 19, 2018 at 10:00am PST

    The resemblance between Dern and Kimchee the Maltipoo was first noticed by Twitter user Margaret Lyons‏, who tweeted a picture of Kimchee on Tuesday with the very direct caption, "This dog looks like Laura...

  • Firefox's Quantum update will block websites from tracking you 24/7

    Mozilla's speedy Firefox Quantum browser hit the ground running when it rolled out in November. 

    On Tuesday, Mozilla released an update to the browser, called Firefox 58. Its most significant feature: 24/7 tracking protection.  

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    The Firefox browser was one of the first to introduce tracking protection in 2015. The feature, when enabled, aggressively blocked ads, analytics trackers, and social share...

  • Firing Kevin Spacey reportedly cost Netflix a whopping $39 million

    Netflix reported a loss of $39 million last quarter — and it looks like it can thank Kevin Spacey for the bill.

    The company announced the Q4 loss on Monday, citing "unexpected" costs due to "unreleased content." Chief Financial Officer David Wells gave another hint at the source of the revenue loss, saying it was, "related to the societal reset around sexual harassment." No one named names, but  an unnamed CNN source confirmed the cause was "axed Kevin Spacey projects."

    Following reports that...

  • RIP Ursula K. Le Guin, dreamer of the best dreams

    Ursula K. Le Guin, who was arguably America's greatest living author (and one who hated getting pigeon-holed as a science-fiction or fantasy writer), died Monday at the age of 88, her son has announced. 

    The news set off a firestorm on Twitter — not the usual kind, thank goodness, but a sudden flurry of people debating which of Le Guin's works touches us the most deeply and remains the most relevant. 

    Usula K. LeGuin, one of the greats, has passed. Not just a science fiction writer; a literary...

  • Gymnast Mattie Larson said she purposely hurt herself to avoid Larry Nassar

    Former gymnast Mattie Larson was so desperate to avoid Larry Nassar, the USA Gymnastics physician who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting multiple women, she tried to give herself a concussion so she wouldn't have to see him. 

    During her testimony at the sentencing hearing for Nassar on Tuesday, Larson detailed her horrific experiences with the physician at Karolyi Ranch in Texas, which was used as an Olympic training site. Overall, more than 100 women have accused Nassar of sexual...

  • Mark Zuckerberg's answer to 'fake news' is this garbage 2-question survey

    Mark Zuckerberg is here to save us from Mark Zuckerberg.  

    On Tuesday, just four days after the Facebook CEO announced his intention to revamp the News Feed in favor of "high quality content," we were gifted a sneak peek at the means by which he will deliver us from the scourge of so-called fake news. 

    It takes the form of a survey, and, sadly, we regret to inform you that things aren't looking so good. 

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    In a 464-word...

  • One of Silicon Valley's most powerful CEOs compares Facebook to cigarettes

    Facebook should be treated like other companies that make addictive, and potentially harmful, products.

    That's according to Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, one of Silicon Valley's most influential leaders, who says it's times for the government to step in and regulate social networks just as it does cigarettes. 

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    Speaking to CNBC from Davos, Switzerland, the Salesforce CEO shared some strong words when it came to the question of...

  • Clueless people are posting their searches to a fake Google Facebook page, and it's too much

    Navigating the internet without growing up using computers can be a daunting task for some. A simple Google search can turn into an afternoon of frustration.

    A fake and dormant Facebook page called Google Search App has been confusing loads of elderly and newbie Facebook users into thinking it's a real Google search engine, and it contains a whirlwind of emotions. It can be sort of sad watching people struggle with the concept of Googling. But it can also be pretty hilarious. 

    After landing on...