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  • The future of search looks a lot like social media

    For all its behind-the-scenes innovation, Google Search has looked more or less the same for the last 20 years: You type some words in a search box and get back a list of links. 

    The company's added lots of bells and whistles over the years, but the core concept has remained the same and the experience has pretty much looked the same.

    But that will soon be changing.

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    At an event marking the 20th anniversary of search,...

  • A video of a very polite lizard is the cutest new meme

    Let's get back to the internet's roots: cute animals. 

    A video of a grinning lizard went viral for being adorably relatable. The reptile, whose owner posts under the handle @modokinatu, lurks toward the camera with a huge smile on its little lizard face. 

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    "It is a man who is going to see rice," @modokinatu said in a comment translated from Japanese in the thread. 


    — なつ (@modokinatu) September 21, 2018


  • Supermarket hummus is garbage. Instead, make your own.

    This is You Won't Regret It, a new weekly column featuring recommendations, tips, and unsolicited advice from the Mashable culture team.

    People nowadays are under tremendous pressure to do everything themselves, whether it's designing our own clothes, building our own internet or — good God — making our own lunch for work.

    It's too damn much. But forgive me if I add another task to the pile: You need to make your own hummus. No store-bought version, no matter how fancy the label is, can stand up...

  • The best Ryan Reynolds memes to ever grace our eyeballs

    Ryan Reynolds has been anointed the "King of Twitter" time and time again. Thanks to his expert trolling abilities, and his acerbic and irreverent jabs and jokes he's constantly winning us over. 

    But, Reynolds has also proved to be the perfect target. The actor, and his many film characters have been adapted to perfectly suite the internet's needs for sarcastic reactions and silly memes. 

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  • Best 4K TV deals this week: Save on Sony, Samsung, LG, VIZIO, and more

    Now that the weekend's over, you should really consider upgrading your old HD TV for a new 4K one — especially if you're a football fan. We've gathered the best deals on 4K smart TVs from Amazon, Walmart, Target, and the Samsung Store, so you can dazzle your friends when you watch the Cleveland Browns take on the Oakland Raiders next Sunday.

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    If you're looking to upgrade a TV in a bedroom...

  • RIP, father of the Force: Remembering Star Wars producer Gary Kurtz

    He never sought the spotlight, but the spotlight was almost thrust upon him. 

    Gary Kurtz, a quiet but friendly soul who died of cancer this weekend at the age of 78, was best known as the solo producer of Star Wars. If that groundbreaking, culture-changing film had won at the Academy Awards in February 1978 — and it came close to defeating Annie Hall in the ballot — then Kurtz alone would accept the Best Picture Oscar while George Lucas sat and clapped. 

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  • A paralyzed man walks, with assistance, thanks to a new therapy that reactivates the spinal cord

    Jered Chinnock has been paralyzed and unable to walk for the last five years after a tragic snowmobile accident. Now there is hope. A new therapy, developed in collaboration between Mayo Clinic and UCLA, uses an implanted electrode to reactivate spinal cord circuits. The experts claim this is the first documented case of something like this happening. Patients at other institutions have also seen benefits from this therapy, and although more work needs to be done, it seems promising.  Read...

  • People across the country stage walk outs in solidarity with sexual assault survivors

    It's been a particularly traumatizing week for victims of sexual assault and harassment.

    Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh now faces at least two accusations of sexual misconduct, and yet, Senate Republicans remain determined to appoint him. In response, women's rights organizations organized a national walkout on Monday at 1 pm ET in solidarity with survivors.

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    Time's Up, along with NARAL...

  • These $50 wireless earbuds can apparently last up to 60 hours

    Bluetooth earbuds are here to stay. Now that more and more electronic devices are doing away with the headphone jack, we must accept the fact that wired earphones will eventually be extinct. Before we know it, they will belong in the pile of gone but never forgotten tech items like floppy disks, beepers, and Walkmans (RIP). 

    And so we're left with no choice but to embrace the wireless revolution.

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    If you're ready to go...

  • Track 20 different SEO metrics with this Google Analytics add-on — it's 80% off right now

    Everyone and their mother keeps talking about how you should always track your SEO performance to find out how your content resonates with Google. 

    Well, they're not wrong. You should measure your SEO success to determine what works and what doesn't. And it's highly encouraged that you take advantage of Google Analytics because it's free and will yield you more data than you know what to do with.

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  • Google Search gets a slew of new features on its 20th anniversary

    It's been 20 years since Google Search first arrived on the web, and the company is updating its core product with a slew of new features for the anniversary.

    The throughline for the features is AI. Google Search now anticipates and customizes much of your search experience automatically, and it also uses AI on the back end to do things like create relevant clips from videos. Another clear focus is mobile, mobile, mobile. At the event in San Francisco, where Google announced the new features,...

  • Snapchat will soon let you shop for products on Amazon with its camera

    Instead of using your smartphone camera to take puppy-faced selfies on Snapchat, you'll soon be able to use it to shop online. Or do both.

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    Snapchat announced this week it's partnering with Amazon to offer users a new image-based shopping feature. The company says it plans to start testing the feature today, and will be rolling it out slowly to all users.

    For those with the new product search feature, just snap a photo of something you want...