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  • Fog plays havoc with U.S. Girls Junior championship at Poppy Hills

    Lucy Li of Redwood City and Yealimi Noh of Concord finished 1-2 as stroke play at the U.S. Girls Junior Championship at the Poppy Hills course at Pebble Beach wrapped up Wednesday morning, but only five of 32 scheduled opening-round match-play clashes wrapped up as heavy fog delayed play for a second day.

    Li, who finished stroke play Tuesday, was medalist with a 36-hole total of 11-under-par 131, one shot shy of the championship record. Noh, who had to complete her second round...

  • Horoscope for Thursday, 7/19/18 by Christopher Renstrom

    ARIES. (March 20 - April 18): Just when you moved on, a certain someone comes calling. Unbelievably this person made all the changes you asked for months ago. Round two?

  • San Joaquin County teen admits setting fire that snarled Altamont Pass traffic

    A grass fire that burned nearly 500 acres on both sides of Interstate 580 in the Altamont Pass and created hours of traffic gridlock Sunday evening was caused by a "safe and sane" firework set off by a 17-year-old boy who felt so guilty about what he had done that he called police and confessed, according to Alameda County officials.

    The boy, a Manteca (San Joaquin County) resident, was driving over the Altamont Pass with friends Sunday evening when their car started to...

  • Denzel Washington doesn’t let age, or thugs, stop him in ‘Equalizer 2’

    So Denzel Washington is on a train to Istanbul, dressed as a devout Muslim. He goes into the dining car and orders hot water for tea, and if you haven't seen "The Equalizer," you might naively deduce that here is a tea drinker. In fact, this is a man who has calculated that a tea cup is a weapon, that scalding water can do damage, and that you can really crack someone's head open with a teapot. Otherwise, he might have ordered a slushy.

    This is the beginning of "The Equalizer...

  • ‘Don’t Worry’ doesn’t make the audience care

    Something about "Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot" keeps it from adding up to a satisfying movie experience. It has the feeling, rather, of a story you might hear about a friend of friend. There's a certain amount of interest, but the interest is secondhand - the person telling you the story cares, but they're not making you care. Still, you're willing to be polite and listen, but not for two whole hours.

    The movie is about the life of John Callahan, an alcoholic who became...

  • Israeli-German film ‘The Cakemaker’ a delicious look at a love triangle

    There's much to savor in "The Cakemaker," a German-Israeli co-production offering a story that could have been melodramatic or sentimental, but in the hands of first-time filmmaker Ofir Raul Graizer is genuinely affecting.

    Essentially a depiction of a love triangle in which one member is deceased, the movie is deliberately paced and told with restraint. There's an air of sadness about it, but one that's worn lightly.

    Thomas (Tim Kalkhof ) is a talented pastry...

  • Sports calendar, July 19-20





  • 'Eighth Grade’ is an authentic, compassionate debut film from Bo Burnham

    No one in their right mind wants to go back to eighth grade.

    The chances are you were a victim and would prefer to have middle school wiped from your memory altogether. Or maybe you victimized others and are dealing with the guilt of that role, after (hopefully) developing some humanity in the ensuing years.

    Into this mildewy gym locker of fear and regret, Bo Burnham boldly crafts "Eighth Grade," one of the more thoughtful and valiant feature film directorial...

  • Constant action but same result at Tour de France: Team Sky domination

    LA ROSIERE, France - If the idea behind a short but almost entirely mountainous stage in the Tour de France was to create constant action, Stage 11 on Wednesday went according to plan.

    The end result, however, was the same as most recent Tours: domination from Team Sky.

    British rider Geraint Thomas won the first summit finish of the race and claimed the yellow jersey. Four-time champion Chris Froome moved up to second overall as Sky controlled numerous...

  • Le Moana’s ‘1918’ remembers those wiped out by Spanish flu

    It's remembered as the Spanish flu, but the 1918 flu pandemic reached from Kansas to Indonesia. It traveled from New Zealand to Polynesia on the passenger and cargo ship Talune, and wiped out nearly a third of the population of Samoa.

    The award-winning "1918" premiered in 2016, and its current U.S. tour includes a one-night-only performance on Thursday, July 19, at Dance Mission Theater in San Francisco. The Le Moana ensemble brings to life a libretto by Artistic Director Tupe...

  • ‘Half Moon Bay,’ by Alice LaPlante

    Slicing an avocado as she prepares dinner with a friend, Jane O'Malley, the protagonist of Alice LaPlante's "Half Moon Bay," observes that "[n]othing that has been picked ever ripens for [her]. Yet it is perhaps a sign of her madness that she keeps hoping. She buys hard avocados, firm pears, hard peaches. She place them in a bowl on her kitchen table, where they inevitably go from hard to rotten, brown-spotted, smelling of fermented alcohol, festering with fruit flies.

  • ‘My Twenty-Five Years in Provence,’ by Peter Mayle

    Peter Mayle published his best-selling memoir "A Year in Provence" in 1989, chronicling his adventures as a first-year expat Brit making a new life with his third wife, Jennie, in a quaint village in the Luberon, a region of lavender, cherries, olive oil, wine, pastis and truffles in the South of France. With abundant wit and charm, the former ad man tracked the vagaries of the weather, his neighbors and the idiosyncratic workmen renovating his very old farmhouse.

    Two subsequent...