Shithole countries

  • Is There Such A Thing As A "Shithole Country"?

    Authored by Andrew Korybko via Oriental Review,

    The question should be rephrased to whether there’s such a thing as a “shithole” period, and yes, there is, but the stereotypical “Third World” socio-economic and physical conditions that the word often embodies are also widely present in parts of the US.

    Another day, another Trump controversy, and this time it’s the Mainstream  Media going bonkers because of the President supposedly referring to some countries as “shitholes” and questioning why...

  • Why America Needs People from 'Shithole' Countries

    Donald Trump’s characteristically blunt remarks on immigration have, predictably, provoked widespread outrage from foreign governments and the media, but they raise an important issue that needs serious discussion.

    The issue is not whether some countries are, or are not—to use the colorful language attributed to the president—“shitholes.” As much as their governments may protest, the people so desperate to leave these countries might well agree with Trump’s characterization. The issue is,...

  • You lead a shithole country, President Trump

    It's total fiction to think we're exceptional.